June 30, 2006

Gavin Riding Misty, June 30th

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June 29, 2006

All the fun in fingerpaint!

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From baseball season...and Grayce poses with Bitty Baby in their matching pj's

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Graycee and Mom take our own picture!

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At the Duck Pond...with friend Mason

Father's Day & Easter with Cousin Hayden

June 28, 2006

Swim Time Favorites!

Just fun in the water!

Gearing up

We are gearing up for football season here...starting soon! Coach Joe, aka, Daddy will be the head coach of one of the 5 or so Bixby Mighty Mite teams. That's right, a whole lot of 6 and 7 yearolds playing tackle football! How entertaining...stay tuned for more action! Go Spartans!

Grayce and Kenzie Visit Dora Live!

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Grayce the Hoodlum

Grayce did a little damage in her brothers room while he was at riding camp this morning. She dressed accordingly for vandalism. She is quite the fashion plate, and changes often during the day. Though, generally- she is switching between Dora wear. Dora is all the rage around here! Bien! Vamanos! Posted by Picasa


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