November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

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November 26, 2008


Today, we visited the zoo---because it was 70 degrees out in late November. So, why not. The kids had spent several hours cleaning this morning in their rooms- so late afternoon we ventured to the zoo. It was great weather, and most all the animals were out and about. I made a collage of our visit- which I hope you can click on to make bigger so you can see it. I am working on that...

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Wordless Wednesday: Turkeys, Alligators, Indians, Monkeys & Pilgrims

Okay- some words. Her face at the end toward Baloney's boy...totally cracks me up.

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November 25, 2008

Why I Love Photo Editing Software

29 pictures of your son doing this, can be turned into this...

While, if your dear daughter falls on her face at school, then....

you can make it look like she didn't.

Then, you can come up with a card that looks somewhat like normal know after "BLANK" amount of photos. (Still taking those contest entries you know...only one of you is close so far!)

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November 24, 2008

Evolution of the Southern Christmas decor...AND A CONTEST!!

Sunday, I decided we should get the tree down. Because, we have to have Thanksgiving twice this week- once on Thrusday and once on Saturday (out of the norm!). And, then, in between- I shop on Friday. My friend Dara and I have gotten up at 4am or earlier for the past few years on Friday to shop. Crazy, yes. Fun- very! Anyway, since we are a little busier with the extra Thanksgiving dinner, etc...I opted to get the tree out yesterday.

I was just going to set it up, then decorate later- but I did not factor in the kids and their constant request to hang the "toys" on.

So, we decorated while dad napped. Getting the tree from upstairs was very strenuous.

These are a few of my favorite ornaments. Those purpley feather things are the best. I got them 75% off.

Then....Viola! The finished tree. That is after a trip in between with said friend Dara to Michael's. We have never had a lit star at the top of this tree. Some dumb people who make pre-lit trees do not incorporate an extra plug at the top for a fixture such as this. I had to find a green extension cord- then stand dangerously on a chair, leaning- plug in the star, wind the cord down the the back and plug the star in by itself. 10 foot trees require much coordination to decorate at the top.Ok, then while at Michael's, I also found some cool things on sale to spruce up my mantle. This is where I keep the nutcrackers I collect. I have collected them since the 3rd or 4th grade when I first danced in the Nutcracker ballet. I have danced the Nutcracker with The Pioneer Woman, more than once. That's Southern trivia piece #1.
See the fancy magnolia, feathery things and such? That is what I got to spruce things up.

And, since we were all festive- I thought we should shoot for the Christmas card. This of course is one I titled "The Ghost of Grayce Christmas Present"-- and of course it did not make the card. You have no idea how many photographs I took to get the 3 for the card. Which brings me to the contest....THE PERSON WHO COMMENTS BY THURSDAY (10pm cst) WITH THE NUMBER CLOSEST TO THE NUMBER OF PICTURES I HAD TO TAKE TO GET 3 GOOD ONES, WINS 3 SPECIAL CHRISTMAS RECIPE BOOKS!! And, of course in a later post I will show you our Christmas Card- which I designed myself by the way. ( I do that- you know- if you want your very own custom card.)

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November 21, 2008

Oh, the tangled google search we weave...

Oh, how I find it ever so fascinating how people come to my blog. Below, are the ACTUAL searches they used to get to me. I did not edit them, because it might ruin the 'effect'.

sprained ankle- well, the boy did have one once. There were a few hits on this. I do not offer medical advice, so I am sure I wasn't any help.

Southern pastime- well, I guess we have several??

what are the southern families like?- I don't know, did you find out what we are like?? If so, please share

Happy Dance animation- this one is probably the most popular because of THIS post--that is next to the image search of my kids at the dentist. My kids at the dentist has had HUNDREDS of hits, especially from other countries. It is SO odd.

Taylor Awift FAmily- Maybe you meant Taylor Swift Family?? Well, we wish we were but we are not. Sadly.

princess and pirate party games- well, sorry to disappoint, but I don't have any of those going on

sorority southern-Is this a new chapter??

aubree southern- nothing like just searching for me. Um, is that scary or flattering?

using shabby princess "blogwear" on blogspot- I do use this because I love it. Thanks for visiting!

DAvey Crockett Pumpkin carving- Davey carved pumpkins? Really?

southern granny names- They are Pauline, Bonnie, Mattie & Delores, Sharon & Dana --you know if you are wondering.

rascal flatts and taylor swift backstage passes October 24- Yeah, obviously I am not the spot to find these. Did you find them? Cause if so, I want to know about it.

Little Quilts- Hmm. Not sure about this.

Halloween story for age 6 years old- Again, sorry to disappoint.

taylor swift southern- Another hope she is related. Sadly, still no.

yearbook yourself cowboy- Is this anything like yearbook yourself cowgirl?

hush-a-bye halloween- Maybe an age 6 story I am unaware of?

family graphic for pre-k- wha?

look at rooms- um, okay. What kind of googling merits this search?

pumpkin carve boots the monkey- Well, I have never seen a pumkin CARVE anything...and I especially wouldn't want to see it carve Boots. That is just not nice at all.

football headers for yearbooks- Yea, did you find that here? Just wondering.

hour for Delta pumpkin patch- I really have no idea on this one.

rush baby hush a bye- Is this another new nursery rhyme? Could be alternately titled: Hurry Up, Be Quiet & Go To Sleep. Then, that's how you might have found me because I say those things A LOT.

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