January 29, 2010

How to Drive on The Ice for Dummies: Tulsa Edition

Dear Tulsa Area People:

#1. DO NOT use your brake unless you are going 10mph or less. This is how bad things happen. If you are approaching an intersection, stop sign or light, simply take your foot off the gas about 100 yards out. Think football field if you are depth perception impaired. If you are in a situation where you need to stop more un-expectedly then use the little numbers on your gear shift.

#2. How and when to use the little numbers by your gear shifter. Most people drive automatics, but when there is ice- pretend you have a standard. Now I shall explain, in case you do not know how to drive a standard. (you really should learn, you're missing a whole other level if driving. Ok? But that's a different post all together.) Now, back to the numbers. Say you are going over the 10mph brake limit, but you need to slow quickly. Shift from drive to the highest number, then the next, and the next until your under 10 & can slowly break. Once stopped, switch back to your regular 'ol D. Got it? Good.

#3. DO NOT use your brakes unless you are driving less than 10mph. Did I day that one already? Yes? Well. Sometimes certain people need repetitive mentions. And by all means use gentle pressure. Think soothing heated stone massage, not massage by Helga.

#4. DO NOT get all cocky and confident once you've been going along a-ok for a bit. It is certain this is when you'll forget rules and break #1 & #3.

#5. Be aware of idiots around you who do not follow the rules. (They will be the ones you can laugh at on down the road when they are stuck in a ditch.)

#6. If you swerve, or go into a spin turn into the spin. Remember driver's ed. And do NOT slam on the brakes. Take your foot off the gas. Turn into the spin.

#7. Do not drive too fast. Allow more time. I mean, duh, really. Double the normal time. Your ill preparation and lack of planning does not give you the right to drive like a raving lunatic.

You see, I've been hit by an uninformed paniky driver who slammed on her brakes on ice, went into a few 360's and hit me head on. Not fun. Not fun. At. All. Therefore, I choose to educate the ice-navigating challenged people of the area. Just doing my part. Kind of like here
 as well.

How it was...My EXTREME Home Makeover Edition 1

So, my overnight shift at Extreme Home Makeover, in a word: disappointment.

There was no Ty or Paige sighting. There was a lot of ice falling. There were cookies. There was warmth. And an indoor bathroom. There was an extreme up close and personal exploration of the pavilion center. Do you notice what's missing? THERE WAS NOT EVEN ONE TRIP to the actual HOUSE. Yuh-all. I was at the fairgrounds in the pavilion center all night long. Yah. Not nearly as glamorous as I thought. On the upside, I did not freeze me arse off.

I did have a good time, despite the disappointment. Of the 12 expected on our shift, thank goodness only 4 showed up to "keep the light on". One of those, an older lady, left a couple of hours in. One guy really wasn't even supposed to be there bc his shift was actually tonight. He was too smart for his own good. You see our shift was called 01-28-10 from 12a-7a. Technically this was 1-29-10. See? His shift read 01-29-10 12a-7a, but technically was 01-30-10. See the confusion?? The other lady and I were just smart enough to ask for clarification. There's where too smart people are lacking sometimes- in the common sense department.

Anywho. We enjoyed learning some very interesting stories and behind the scenes info from the security guard there with us. The security travels with the show all season- they are not local. They are in fact based out of Fayettville, NC. Did you know another build close by always starts about 3-5 days after the other they start? Ty will be south of Norman on Monday for another door knock and Goooood Moooorning so and so family. Ideal homes is doing that build. Who knew? So, Ty? Not even on site half the time. Hmph.

There have been more than a few undeserving families who've had builds. Yip. One guy had outstanding warrants and was arrested a few days after. Two homes have gone into foreclosure because the people were greedy. So, I'm thinking the screening process might be a little better by now. AND, they've built in all kinds of extreme weather, but never ice.

Ok? So to sum it all up- it was disappointing fun. I'm going back for more and hoping for appointing fun. I'm doing another shift Sat night. Also, I will be there when we yell: Move that bus!

January 28, 2010

In case you didn't know...

I am very excited I was chosen to volunteer with the Extreme Home Makeover, as it arrives in Tulsa this week! I am not excited that we are having an ice and snow storm during my scheduled shift! However, they've assured us there are heaters and tents. So, I'll be as warm as you can be in a heated tent! Below I pulled the information about the family. You can also be-friend the Simmons company on facebook and follow them on twitter to keep up with the latest. I will share the air date just as soon as I know!

About the family pulled from www.extremesimmons.com

When the Starkweathers learned their son, Ethan, had Prader-Willi syndrome at only a few weeks old, it was devastating. A rare genetic chromosomal disorder, Prader-Willi causes low muscle tone, labored speech, trouble breathing, and because of a malfunctioning hypothalamus, a constant feeling of extreme hunger. Amy was given a grim diagnosis: Ethan would fight her for food, he could never be integrated into a classroom and he would be morbidly obese. There was little known about the disease, and there was no cure. After Ethan’s diagnosis, Amy spoke with doctors and intensely conducted her own research. She and Toen vowed they would do everything in their power to make sure Ethan had the best life possible.

With a severe case of Prader-Willi, Ethan has trouble walking and speaking and is always hungry. No matter how much he eats, his brain never gets the message that he is full. He also has a low metabolism, so although he’s hungry all the time, he can’t eat as many calories as a normal 9-year-old boy. His disease is not only uncomfortable; it is life-threatening. Because of his low muscle tone, Ethan stopped breathing one night. His father ran into his room, called 911 and gave him CPR until the ambulance arrived, saving his life.

Over the past eight years, Amy has developed a structured system for her son that has given him the opportunity to manage his illness effectively. Ethan has specific times for meals and snacks each day. To lessen Ethan’s expectations of getting food, the family has to lock up the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets and block off the entrance to the kitchen during the night. Ethan has a breathing machine and monitor in his room. He goes to doctor’s appointments and multiple treatments each week, including physical, speech and horse therapies.

Although Ethan suffers daily, he has a positive attitude, and his smile and laugh are contagious. Because of his parents’ attention, knowledge and love, Ethan maintains a healthy weight, is in a normal fourth-grade class in school and was even on the honor roll this past semester.

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January 20, 2010

WFMW: The EYES Have It

So, it's come to my attention there are a LOT of ladies who do not in fact, know how to apply eye make-up. And, I 've been asked to help several times.  I am tired of answering one by one, so I'm making it a post! And, a WFMW post at that!

I am not an expert, but I do get a fair share of people who tell me they like mine. That being said, I am sure there are many people who do not- they maybe just don't speak up so much. And, fine by me.

While I am an Arbonne lady- and that is what I use, I have always been interested in opening the eye- as I have very small almondy eyes. I have read a fair share of info on the subject and used THOUSANDS of products. The way I wear mine is a compulation of what I think is easiest and looks best.

So, above, I show you my naked eye. *shudder*
1.Then, first, apply a little highlight shade of white shadow, under my brow and on top of my cheek bone, and also the inside corner of my eye. Just a smidge.
2.Then, I use black eyeliner mostly, but sometimes brown. Starting about 3/4 in I make one large line all the way out.
3. Right after this I apply one light coat of mascara.
4. Then, I use an angled brush- and ONLY an angled brush. See that dark shade of blue and the bronzy brown next to it above there? That what I mixed today. Why?  I always wear dark- and it was better for the pictures. If you were wondering. Start almost in the inside corner of your eye and make a sweeping arch over to the end of your eyeliner. Fill in a bit more of a triangle on the outer corner with a quick back motion. See? Easy.
5. Then, re-coat your mascara. I have tried every single mascara ever in the history of make-up since 1987. Arbonne is the best. I would say it even if I didn't sell it. A close, but still far second is Covergirl Lash Blast.

**Adding liner all the way into the corner, makes the eye appear smaller, as does liner on the bottom. You'll notice I do not apply anything to the bottom excpet mascara. If I do a smoky eye- then I will blend shadow, not liner, from the middle bottom outward using the angled brush. The angled brush is your friend. Everyone must own one!**

Questions? Just ask.
EYE'll be glad to help.

FOR MORE WFMW visit the one and ONLY Kristen at We are THAT Family or click over on the button on the left!

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January 15, 2010


Sometimes I am on a blogging roll, and sometimes I'm not. I mean who really reads me anyway? Does anyone care besides my future self, who possibly will be glad I chronicled our life as we know it? Maybe don't answer that.

Things are going. I am wondering where to go next. I am always going. We are always going. But, I'm not there yet.

This is one of those deep sounding posts, but it really isn't deep. It sounds deep because it probably lacks making any sense. But this is what people refer to as 'deep', no?

I am feeling the urge to solve the health care crisis, sell real estate, possibly write a novel, or come into some inheritance and volunteer for the red cross, and travel to all the bloggy conferences to meet all the cool people I only know online. Then, while at the bloggy conferences I may get tips on how to write better posts that don't ramble on about randomness.

You'll be the first to know when I get where I am going.

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January 8, 2010

Spaghetti a la Philly

Being the avid twitter follower I am of things and people I am fond- I follow Philadelphia brand.  I do love me some cream cheese.  My favorite use is in my Strawberry Pie- but that's not what I am sharing today.  See, the twitterer in charge at Philly* sent a request to try a recipe out.  So, of course, I obliged.  First, there are just a few things they were wondering: 

  • · Did you find the recipe easy to prepare? YES! Very easy!
  • · Did you alter the recipe at all? If so, why? It did not specify whether or not to season the beef while browning.  I did with garlic salt and pepper- as I usually do when preparing regular spaghetti.
  • Did you find changes were necessary or was it a matter of preference? Yes, as I do believe garlic and salt are an extreme necessity when cooking Italiano.
  • · Did you enjoy making the recipe? Yes! Anything easy is a joy to prepare!
  • · Did you and your family enjoy the taste of the recipe? Yes, a great twist to a weekly regular at our house.
  • · What did you and your family like about the recipe? It wasn't the same ol' spaghetti dish.  And the kids liked the sauce color.  Not sure on that one!
  •  What did you and your family dislike about the recipe? They didn't offer any complaints.
  • Would you make this recipe again? Yes- and I might even add more garlic or onion when browning the beef.
  • · Would you recommend this recipe to friends? Of course!

Spaghetti a la Philly

Prep: 20 minutes
Cook: 15 minutes
Makes: 4 servings
(about 1 1/2 cups each)

1 pound lean ground beef
1 jar (24 ounces) Prego® Traditional
Italian Sauce
1/2 package (4 ounces) Kraft Philadelphia cream
cheese, cut into cubes
1/2 package (8 ounces) spaghetti,
cooked and drained
2 tablespoons Kraft grated
Parmesan cheese

1. Cook the beef in a 12-inch skillet over
medium-high heat until well
browned, stirring
often to separate meat.  Pour off any fat.

2. Stir the sauce and cream cheese
 in the skillet.
Reduce the heat to low. 
Cook for 3
minutes or until the cream cheese
 is melted, stirring often.

3. Place the spaghetti into a large bowl. 
Add the beef mixture
and toss to coat. 
Sprinkle with the
Parmesan cheese.

 Then, serve with garlic bread.  (In this case, leftover stale-ish hot dog buns that I garlic buttered and broiled- yum!)

(*Disclosure: Philadelphia Cream Cheese reached out to me and provided me with coupons and a cookbook for my participation.  This is valued at $40 or less.)

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January 6, 2010


...I'm telling ya- if you want free
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Then, get your own link to refer people too.  You can earn as many as your referrals earn!

There are a couple of mom's who bought their entire Christmas list with swag bucks- like HUNDREDS of dollars of stuff.  People, it's easy.

It's easiest to add the tool/search bar. Just do all your searches from it (still uses google) and when you least expect it, bam! you win bucks. Even if you think you KNOW the web address, use the search.  I won 3 just by typing Amazon the other day.  Also, remember, referrals are big winners. {Wink, wink}.  Feel free to ask me more about it!

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January 1, 2010

Catch-up: Christmas Pageant

Well, I am a little behind in posts. This is ye old family blog, though, so you'll have to bear with me.
Little G was in the FQK Christmas Pageant on December 12th. This was an easy one, you only model holiday attire. That's it.
She had a great time! And.....

even Santa came to visit.

She won Princess in her division and also the Prettiest Eyes title. She has put that dress I wasn't sure she'd wear, to good use! The dress she wore, she also wore as Taylor Swift for Halloween. It's the one I got for a steal at crazy days in Ponca! Glad we didn't pass it up! Next up-Gray is hoping to do a fairly big pageant in early February. She needs to start her own fund raising circuit, soon. Very soon.

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