February 26, 2010

My Mama (updated)

My mama is gone. I can hardly type the words. This is all very surreal. And my babies hearts are broken.

Thank you for all of your prayers and kind words. I can't believe she is gone. Taken so very quickly on my baby sister's 25th birthday. We were all with her when she passed, though it had been many days since she was herself. I'm so very thankful to my Joe for letting me spend every hour I could there with her-including many, many nights.

She fought the fight but her body was to weak to keep up with all the blows dealt her way, in the end. I know she knew we were all there. She responded to all of us today.

If you are far away but want to something- I know many if you have asked- please donate blood or plasma. They used so much in the last few days trying to save her. We are still trying to set arrangements. I'll post when we know.


Family will accept visitors Monday from 6p-8p at Fitzgerald's Southwood chapel on 91st in Tulsa b/t Harvard & Yale. Memorial service 11am Tues in Bartlesville at First Christian 6th & Osage. Private burial, Calvary Cemetary. 

I've deactivated mom's personal FB account, but there is a new page where we wecome you to become a member and leave messages, condolences or photos. Simply search for Dana Biggs Johns under Facebook Pages.  Blessings to everyone who prayed for her, and our family.


February 19, 2010


About 2 weeks ago we went to dinner with my mom and grandma to celebrate their birthdays, which are a week apart.

Today, after a trip to the ER on the 9th an admission on the 10th & a diagnosis of blood cancer on the 11th-she is on a breathing machine in ICU fighting sepsis multi organ failure. Things have gone down a slippery slope. Fast. They didn't give us a lot of hope today which evoked a whole lot of sick reality.

26 years ago in March my mom was 35 just like I am. With a 9 year old and a 5 year old just like I have. And her dad died. Papaw Frank. As the 9 year old, I remember it vividly. I'm not sure what my sister remembers. My other sister wasn't even here yet. That can't happen. She cannot miss the next 26 years.

I'm just sick over my mom beging sick- I'm sick for me and my dad and my sisters and my grandma. But mainly I'm sick, physically sick for my kids & my nephew who love their GiGI.

I know all of you are praying hard. But you have to pray harder. She has to get better.

February 16, 2010

OH man...

I am so tired.  But I am working on a few new projects.  One of those is not becoming a nurse, as one might think since I've been here so much at the hospital the nurses ask me what to do. Really, I should be a paid consultant. 

Can't wait to share the new projects. Well, one of them is hinted over in the side bar.  That's all for now.

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February 14, 2010

OK-what's this now, a 6 day recap?

Another series of whirlwind events to tell you about since I last posted. Most of that is really worthy of whole post's of their own and I'm way too tired to type it right now. So, later. In the meantime please send some fairies and elves over to help me out.

February 9, 2010

10 day recap

Realizing I have not blogged in like 10days, I'm thinking I better say something. It really doesn't seem like that long- but I guess date stamps don't lie. Right?

So, when we left off last, I was about 2 embark on my last shift at Extreme Home Makeover. It was a little more productive and fun- and I enjoyed it. Then, I also got to make a trip over the night before the reveal. We took Arbonne over for the family, which is done for each family on the show. That was very exciting bc the house was almost done. It was amazing to see it at the intervals I did up close.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch- we were practicing for a pageant. Miss Gray was headed to the National Holiday Miss pageant in Chickasha- my favorite-on 2/6. At least we didn't have to stay! She performed very well- it was a huge pageant. She won both a national talent & national photogenic crown. We've never won a photogenic title & we use the same photo everytime. This further proves my point that it all depends on the judges opinions that day! I was quite proud of her--but she cried and cried because she didn't win the overall title. Oy.

Also since I last typed: Grayce was asked to be on the team at gymnastics & we started going twice a week for 2 hours a time. She's getting used to it- but definetly notices the longer practice! She also has huge black and blue bruises on her front hip bones, she's not so fond of...those bars are brutal. We have yet to master the new schedule juggling that, dinner & Gavin to wrestling but are working on it!

Another first: I attended a Tulsa Blogger Meet-up thanks to Tasha Does Tulsa. It was fun putting people with blogs and meeting some illusive internets. I recently re-did a couple of the blog designs of a couple of great bloggers, btw. Kellyology & Redneck Diva. It was the first time I met Redneck Diva in real life! Had fun seeing The 4 Crows as well & enjoying Joe Momma's- first time there too!

Also, it was my mom's and my grandma's birthday in between. Gavin has a test on the 50 states & capitals and has to do a report, campaign poster and dress up like: George Washington. I'm thinking yay for an easy one- but- where am I to find a powder wig?


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