April 29, 2009

Fro' Me to You: When Gunne Sax Throws Up

I don't even think I need to make any further description of this lovely laceyness. Lawsy mercy. And the hair. Oh, ode to perm solution and hairspray. The 8th grade sweetheart dance awaited us (Shannon, Me, Julie, & Lyndsae) in February 1988.

Visit Marcy at the Glam Life for some more non-scrapbookable fun.

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April 28, 2009

WFMW: New Look for a BO-ring Garage Door, FAUX-Real

So. In our neighborhood, everyone has the same garage door that is painted the same color as the trim of your house. Exciting. We've lived here 7 years, and it was about time for a repaint, since our door faces west, it was starting to fade.

Rather than go with the same ol' Tavern Taupe, I looked, searched, YouTubed, and researched going faux. Then last week, I bit the bullet. I was nervous. But, figured I could paint it back Tavern Taupe if things didn't work out.

First, here is my before door- for reference.

And here is the finished product:

With 2 small cans of Minwax Mahogany stain, and a sponge roller- this is what it came to be. I purchased the stain in a satin finish and then also pre-mixed with polyurethane- so I didn't have to re-coat to seal.

Want to know how? It was easy.

First: POWER wash the door the day or two before. And let dry well.

Second: Since my pattern is the usual square sequence, I put a coat of stain on each square first. Then I added 2 more coats for 3 coats total.

Third: Start the rest of the door. Work in small areas. I used streaking motions. I used only one-ish coats in these areas. It is important to work in one small area at a time, or risk a lot of overlap look.

Fourth: Hardware- which is totally optional. You can get this at Lowe's but it only came in black. The faux hinges and handles did not show up so well in black on the mahogany. I took some sterling silver acrylic and lightly brushed it over the hardware, for a nickel look. And it turned out great. That will need to be sealed- however.

This project, with BIG outcome was just $22 for stain. The hardware was about $40. I love it. And so has everyone else. Even a few neighbors I don't even know, who stopped- got out of their cars and asked me what color it was. So. What do you think? And, if you try it- send me your result!

For more WFMW ideas, visit KRISTEN at We are THAT Family!!

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I'm Baacckk.

I am back to the blog. I am still not healed. I am coughing and wheezing and headachey- but I can't take it anymore. I am going to try and do what I can/want anyway- although I just want to nap.
I want to blog about the MOD walk...so that is what I am doing first! Saturday Grayce and I went to downtown Tulsa to walk our 3 miles for dear Maddie. The ambassador at our walk even mentioned Maddie in her speech. Maddie's family also walked Saturday in LA. Heather gave the speech at their walk, and it is on their website www.remembermaddie.com Tulsa raised $210k for MOD! The mayor was there, and some other local celebrities. At our walk there was a tee shirt contest, and Grayce won 2nd place for the t-shirt we made for Maddie.
The link to the set of all of our pics from the walk can be found here:

Grayce and I made it the whole 3 miles! I was very proud of her, but she was so wiped out!
She was just fine right after the walk though- because she got her face painted like a
We had a great morning walking for MADDIE.

Stay tuned tomorrow for black eyes and
castles. Oops. No, that will be Thursday.
Faux wood
garage doors are tomorrow!

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April 22, 2009

WFMW: Decoupage

So, I had this ugly table on the back patio. It's lived a few lives- then got stuck out there a few years ago. And, it's seen better days. I was thinking about what I could do to liven it up. A-ha! Decoupage. I love a good decoupage.

So, I got maiself some tissue paper and some modge podge, and I went to work, making mai table a little spicy with a zebra print.

I'm kind of diggin it. How about you?

Okay, then I was all into mai modge podge and started this project on mai bistro table set I have in my front yard. I'm not quite done here on the table top- but I do have all the black toile tissue on the bunny. Isn't he cute? He was tacky ugly pearly white. And I got him at Hobby Lobby for 80% off. Now he's decoupaged with his glam new look. To match my table.

Someone stop me with the modge podge decoupage. AND visit Kristen at We are THAT family for more Works for Me Wednesday!!

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April 18, 2009

sickly sue

I'm typing this from the waiting room of
the Drs., again. I have the ongoing heartburn issue- but in addition the sinus issue. I'm on the third sinusitis and bronchitits since February, but this time my ear is really bothering me- or still bothering me and blah blah. Really I'm just filling you in for my lack of posting. I don't want to complain because I know there are much worse things going on... So when I'm back to my creative self I'll come up with something good. I'm just tweeting between now and then if you want to read me :)
Update 9:20pm: Just got a shot in each hip again. And a rx for more. "You've got mail" is on the tv in here. Funny. I have 2 ear infections and a sinus infection again! Lawsy.

April 15, 2009

works for me wednesday

Time for another WFMW post! This one is short & sweet. But first, let me wish mai favorite Southern Greek friend TAMMY a very Happy Birthday (and tax deadline day). Happy, happy!!

Isn't she just the cutest May Pole dancer fairy?

Ever get bored of yee ol' plain hula hoop? Wanna give your kids a glam and bedazzled alternative?

With only a $1 hula hoop from Big Lots, some leftover ribbon & trims.......

Voila! It's a fancee schmancee hula hoop. Hooping works for me (and by me I mean Grayce, cause yo- I cannot hoop it up to save my life unless an embroidery machine is involved). Grayce is like a sooper hooper! What ?? You need video proof? I'm working on it. Promise!!
Your kid is guaranteed to LOVE the Hola Hoop 2.0. For more ideas visit KRISTEN at We are THAT Family!

I just can't even imagine...

(My apologies for the FUNKEE formatting of this post. Yes. I am computer savvy. No. I am too tired to keep messing with it. You'll just have to muddle thru it. Okthanksbai.)

The Tribute to Our Madeline from Mike and Heather on Vimeo.
Dearest Internettes:
Why, why, why? I am still so incredibly upset about the loss of the babies in
my blog world this past week.
As you know, I have chosen to head up the TULSA area (THE SOUTHERN FAMILY ) team for Maddie and MOD at the walk here
in Tulsa on 4.25.09 at 10am. I have broadcast this before, and it's on the blog, and facebook. However- no ONE has signed up to
be on the team or to pledge any money. Of course, I myself gave money to Maddie's Mom's team for the LA Walk- so I don't even have a
donation to myself. I know ya'll can change that!! I know it. Oklahoma peeps (especially) can sign up to walk with me and the fam
(and if not the Dad and boy because of baseball- then ME and the Girl, at the very least). Now, I am not one to just up and join a cause
and all- so really y'all should see this as a great idea of mine and please help a sistah out. Um, so I don't look like a loooooser if nothing else.

I am including some links about Maddie below. Beware when reading -especially the last post by her mom, which is the speech
SHE was strong enough to read at Maddie's funeral today. She is braver than I think I could ever be. She's a hero for her Maddie.
More than likely, I would be on valium and tranqulizers and laying in a dark room never to return to the light of day.
That is what I imagine it to be like. But, I am sure it is a million times worse than that. Heather and her husband had beautiful
words about their baby. They are some of the bravest people I know. And by know, I mean that I read her blog
and tweets, and I was once VERY concerned that Heather needed stitches and tried to convince her via twitter- yet I was not all that
convincing. She should have listened to me though- she in fact needed them but waited too long. That is my only
actual communication with this woman who is my hero today. We've never met but we have connected- connected through
the love of our babies, and the Mommyhood we share.


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April 12, 2009


Okay, I just noticed that I wrote a post, that is not up? Hmm. Odd that it isn't and that I JUST now noticed. Erg. It was from Thursday.

I have been incredibly upset since earlier this week, with the unexpected passing of one of my blogging mama friend's, dear Madeline who was 17 months old. I was beyond upset. It was so sudden, and final. It's just the worst.

As you can see my blog background is purple, and if you follow me on twitter my avatar is purple. There are 100's of sweet people that have gone GRAPE!! Purple is the color of the March of Dimes. And, now, because we needed one: I am the team Captain for the Maddie team here in Tulsa for the MOD walk. I have a button in my right hand column with a link to sponsor or join my team! Please contact me with any questions about it.

I shall find the lost post soon. I am still working on my new laptop getting all the stuff on it I need. Yes, a new to me laptop. It's shiny and red. It's a DELL. I got it for $160 bucks on ebay!

Until next time.....HAPPY EASTER!

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April 8, 2009

WFMW: Tablecloth Valance

Today for WFMW, I am sharing my valance in the gameroom upstairs. It's an oval tablecloth cut in half. It was on clearance with the tassels and all! I then sewed 2 straight lines for the curtain rod. The 2 coordinating panels were scrap fabric I did the same stich on and got for $2. The whole very wide window was less than $20. Now go out and look at tablecloths with a differnet eye. Works with round ones too! (If you don't have a sewing machine or serger handy- then I am sure you can use the fabric hem glue.)

For me excellent ideas visit the new host Kristen!


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