January 31, 2008


Gavin, Grayce and friends Tommy & Kenzie Macklin

enjoy the snow today (1/31/08)! Mom was very cold, but

managed some video before retreating back to heat!

January 19, 2008

Christmas...sort of...

Sadly, my laptop has gone under the weather- where most of my Christmas pics are.
These 4 are the only ones still in the camera and not pulled over to the laptop! It's very sad, I know...but we are hoping
the laptop makes a full recovery and I can add more! These are from Joe's parents house.

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Grayce as Sleeping Beauty!

You are probably wondering why there are SO many Grayce posts, and not much Gavin lately- well, long story short
Grayce is a BIG ham and into pictures. Gavin- not so much! Here Grayce is modeling her costume she got for Christmas!

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Grayce and Kenzie Hula!

Grayce's friend Kenzie brought her back a Hula outfit from Hawaii! SO funny!
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Grayce & Ava

Grayce poses here with Mary Anne's new one, Ava Elizabeth!
Aren't they cute little DDD legacies??
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Grayce and Baby in their matching outfits!

Grayce and Bitty Baby got matching outfits to do some V-day photos
which are also usually for the birthdays as well- I haven't scheduled the session
yet, but she wanted to take some of her "own" pics. She waited for the mail lady
for 3 days to bring this, and stood out in the the driveway waiting on her to come!

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