August 26, 2009

And so...

(Crazy girls. They lurve each other so much, its painful.)

(Here's the boy in the last scrimmage)
...the blog didn't live for long did it? I've lost the mojo. I've been doing too much other stuff to sit in here and write. I need a laptop back. I need some motivation. I should just post my twitter feed here. I'm tired. My sinus hurt. Is that enough? Because I can find more.

Here's an update in a nutshell: Football is in full swing. First game is this weekend. I think I've found a gymnastics class for Grayce. But, it won't start till 9/8. The pageant she wants to do is 9/19. EEEK. We might not be ready for that. We have had back to school night for both kids. Gavin's teacher seems very nice and REALLY likes homework. Oh yipee. Grayce's teacher is very nice and is artsy, has also sent homework, though she said it was optional. I don't know. If it's written down to check off I don't feel its optional. I'm sure we'll surivive somehow.

So, feel free to comment on your school year so far or just comment. I would generally promise to write more at this point, but we know how that's been turning out.

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August 14, 2009

Back to School....The Blog Lives!

Yesterday I sent the babies back to school. My new 4th grader and Kindergartener.

They both said they had a great first day, so hoping the year goes just as well.

The even stopped to pose with some sibling love. Ahem. It was short lived.

Here is Grayce telling her teacher, Mrs. Haughey something. It sounds like H-OY, as in Chips of A-, Julie Hoey or sounds like Devon or Shelby McGaughey. Did you know you can come here for phonics?
I got limited shots in the classroom. I was lucky to even be there. Grayce made it perfectly clear she wanted to go in by herself because she knew where to go! No such luck, as I followed anyway!

Gavin is next door & has Mrs. Wertz. Like Hertz. (Ha.)
He is in a new building this year. His classroom is at the end of the earth (kind of hard to find if you've only been there once like us!). He was worried enough to ask me to walk him in, but wanted to know if other mom's were walking in also. I told him I'd ask on Facebook. It was totally split- you all were no help! He was a slow mover that morning and with all the traffic we were running behind. I'm so glad he saw his friend Parker walking in as I approached the door. He hopped out without another thought about it. Whew!

Everyone was sure tired after school and had a nap! Both kids rode the bus today, so I am hoping they all found where to go. It sure beats that morning drop off traffic. As long as they are willing, the bus works for me :-)

And, that brings me to: The Blog, it lives on! I shall resume my normal writing routine. Just like in the fall when TV comes back!

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August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: The Park

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