November 16, 2011

Yes. It really happened.

So, as you know we are super excited to cruise away next week to turquoise waters. But just to make things fun G & G sent us to the ER 3 times this past weekend. Yes. Three.

We had our first concussion ever by Gavin which occupied Friday-Sunday and 2 ER trips. Then, we had our first bone breakage ever Sunday, which kept us in Drs Sunday thru Monday. Lil G now sports a bright orange cast and I'm super glad I didn't sign her up for basketball!

Anyway, I've bought her a big plastic mitten which looks like you are checking a cow for pregnancy, and our turquoise water won't be a waste.

Last time we vacationed in the fall, hey, they both got pneumonia. No lie. It's like if it weren't for bad luck, we wouldn't have any!

But both kids are perking up and we're excited. Turkey on the way to Mexico is certainly the way to go!

Mrs. Southern


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