August 30, 2010

Monday Mcklinky: Changes

Today the MM is about if your routine changes when school starts.

Well, in a word, yes.

In the summer, we don't use alarm clocks. But, now, we have to- or else we'll be running around in panic most every morning-clothes & food flying in a mad dash for the bus.

Summer means we generally don't have an agenda. I like the words "no plans".

In the summer we don't really do much practice of sports. Just a few weeks here & there. But when the first Monday in August comes, it's football. We drag ourselves out there 4 nights a weeks, blazing temps and all. Stinky laundry and the need for organization take over. Team mom of 24 boys requires much work, money collecting, email sending, coordination, and calendar making- just to name a few things. Then, school & games actually start. This only further complicates things.

Somehow I also got roped into doing the school newsletter each month for the PTA where my son attends. I'm not naming any names (Mrs. McGillicutty), must have known I have an issue saying no. Also, I vowed never to be on the PTA: yet here I am. I managed to avoid it 5 years. That's a good record, right? So, add that to my list.

I also built a new website for another organization. I'm not naming any names again about who volunteered me (Mrs. McGillicutty). So, now add that to the other 8 websites or newsletters I'm already in charge of and, well, see how the school year adds just a few more things for me to do?

Then, there is homework. I hate homework.

And, finding clothes for the kids to wear.

And keeping people fed & buying groceries.

Plus, now, I'm in charge of oh, so much more anyway, since my mom passed. I'm hardly ready for it ALL to start up again, when I just was enjoying the small break. Why do breaks go so fast?

Since I do stay at home, people wonder why I often look tired. And why my house is messy now. And why I never get done with laundry anymore.

Well, surprisingly, after all that I'm responsible for: I just don't have all that much free time and energy. I guess some people do, but not me! Surely if I was on a payroll, I'd be making 6 figures.

Or seven.

the Southern Mama

August 27, 2010

I'm Out...

Once again today, you can find me at

August 26, 2010

2 truths & a lie: the answer post

So, I made you wait a few more days for the answer. Oops! But I'm long on things that need done & short on the energy to do them.


1. True. I have the picture somewhere to prove it. I went to NYC & DC at spring break for 10 days when I was 16 with a big group of other 16-18 year olds through my church. It was called International Affairs Seminar. It was awesome. Still can't believe my parents let me! ha!

2. True. Guess I threw one too many passes. Unfortunately, I was not paid quite the salary as a pro.

3. Obviously, not true. While I have had a huge variety of past life jobs, I've never been a dispatcher. Always wanted to be one though.

Roger that. Over and out.

The Southern Mama

August 25, 2010

Football Fundraiser

Bixby Blue 5th grade football is selling tickets again this year for your chance to win 1 of 2 $50 gas cards to QuikTrip. Just donate $5 below and receive 6 entries! It's easy!


August 23, 2010

Monday MckLinky: 2 Truths and a Lie

Today over a on Monday MckLinky we are playing 2 truths and a're suppose to post your guess about the lie in the comments section! IF you really know the answer, just pretend you're guessing. It's a fun one! Hope you can play along.

Here we go:

1. Once when I was in New York City I saw and photographed Walter Cronkite.

2. I had to have surgery on my shoulder for a tear in my rotator cuff common with quarterbacks and baseball players.

3. I once worked as a police dispatcher.

August 19, 2010

Follow me....

My alter ego is on over at the RHOK today. You'll have to follow me over there to see what I'm writing about.

August 10, 2010

WW: Looooseeeannnna

Monday Mcklinky: On Tuesday

Having been thru a few states in the last few days, not involving a plane: I am writing this Monday MckLinky on Tuesday. We went to Shreveport again to pick up Grayce's shoe inserts. I am REALLY not happy we had to drive 12hours to pick up 2 pieces of foam. I have to call there because my dad and I both recall something about a tonal bar....and long story short, we just have foam. (Also, thanks to the Red Neck Diva for saving my arse, because it was actually my Monday and I was all in Cajun country with no laptop; because I'm organized like that.)

So, back to question at hand: Back to School, happy or sad?

Well, since I've gotten the whole chaotic meet the teacher thing over with today: I can write this with a clearer head. OK. That's not really true. That seriously wore me out.


Back to school is a bittersweet concoction of emotions. I HATE schedules. And as soon as August rolls around we are on a serious downhill slide involving hydration, rest, football practice, lots of sweat, school supplies, $100 for this, $25 for that, $5 here, $10 there, football practice, clothes shopping, and football practice, and then throw in Grayce's gymnastics, acrobatting, pageanting & what not. We have to get ready to leave the house to be on time for this and that, get people up in the morning, get people dressed, get people out to the bus, get homework done. I HATE homework. And, this year is more stressful because Gavin will now have 3 teachers instead of one: and that means I he will have a lot more to keep up with....and then there is my baby. She is in first grade this year! Wail, wail, wail, my baby is a first grader!

But, then: there is sweet freedom, 8am-4pm of quiet. That is pure bliss. So, you can see how I am torn.

(big kids, *sniff)

August 4, 2010

WW: More Niece Pics

Last week, we went down to see niece Hadleigh again, and let my kids meet her for the first time.  I went especially to take some announcement pics. Here are just a few:

Hadleigh & Grayce

The final announcements.

**Note on lack of content lately:  Well, its summer and it's crazy hot and I am not in the mood to write much as many horrible, stressful, busy, and crazy things have been going on, which actually may help with content later. At some point soon on WW, I may have football pics instead of baby pics....but because these last 2 days of the first football practices at 105' have literally zapped me of all energy, I don't have any good ones right now. The first few weeks of practice are always crazy. I was going to be happy to report Gavin says he has been having fun, and I see that he is doing a great job at all the positions he's drilling over, and him getting excited about his performance. But somehow, his father (who has not been at practice) just reported an entirely different answer all together from him. Certainly, there was no coercion or anything. I'll have to save for more content later a post all about males, sports, and lunacy. Also, crazy parental behaviors at meetings, abuses of power, selfishness, people that cannot be pleased at all, by any means, and of course; skittles.

Happy WW!


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