August 4, 2010

WW: More Niece Pics

Last week, we went down to see niece Hadleigh again, and let my kids meet her for the first time.  I went especially to take some announcement pics. Here are just a few:

Hadleigh & Grayce

The final announcements.

**Note on lack of content lately:  Well, its summer and it's crazy hot and I am not in the mood to write much as many horrible, stressful, busy, and crazy things have been going on, which actually may help with content later. At some point soon on WW, I may have football pics instead of baby pics....but because these last 2 days of the first football practices at 105' have literally zapped me of all energy, I don't have any good ones right now. The first few weeks of practice are always crazy. I was going to be happy to report Gavin says he has been having fun, and I see that he is doing a great job at all the positions he's drilling over, and him getting excited about his performance. But somehow, his father (who has not been at practice) just reported an entirely different answer all together from him. Certainly, there was no coercion or anything. I'll have to save for more content later a post all about males, sports, and lunacy. Also, crazy parental behaviors at meetings, abuses of power, selfishness, people that cannot be pleased at all, by any means, and of course; skittles.

Happy WW!


ShaRhonda said...

Baby annoncements have come a long do wonderful work! Your niece is just a precious little doll. Can't wait to see all your football pics. Isn't it funny the views we see as mom's versus the views of the testosterone! Skittles? Will be tuning in!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Ahww -Beautiful baby and announcements! I hear you -it has been HOT! And it does sound like a lot's been going for ya!

Cara. said...

Beautiful! I get to do my first Newborn shoot in about 2 weeks... I am so excited! :)

Our Family said...

She is just so precious!!


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