January 31, 2011

Out to RHOK today...

It's my Monday to Mcklinky over at the RHOK. Come visit me there and link up!

January 26, 2011

Catch Up

Here's what's happened since I actually blogged last, I think. I really don't even know because it's been so long. Heh.

-Grayce won 2 all around first places at gymnastics meets.
-Gavin has played a few basketball games very well. He scored 6/10 points last week.
-I've had the flu for like the whole month.
-I've had bronchitis for the rest of the month.
-I still have a broken rib, hypothyroidism, chronic anemia, and insomnia + restless leg syndrome, among other things. Fun times, fun times.
-I finally got approved to sub Jenks. But I'm too tired and sick to actually sub. So, hopefully that improves soon.
-We had 2 snow days in a week my kids were already out of school 1 day, while I had the flu. Fun times.
-Gavin played in a dodge ball tourney.
-I'm still coughing, which keeps rebreaking my rib.
-I really just want to take naps all day.
-I need to see about 7 movies before Oscar day. I've not seen Inception, Blue Valentine, True Grit, Rabbit Hole, Kings Speech, Biutiful, & Kids Are Alright. If you want to see any, call me.
-I've vowed to be a better blogger.
-But I probably won't be until after February, which will be forever known as the month of hell.
-I can't get rid of headaches that go down into my neck.
-I have not taken down my Christmas tree.
-My house is a disaster of epic proportions.

Things I need to do:
-Hire housekeeper
-Win lottery

January 18, 2011

WW: Wonderful World of Wax

January 1, 2011

the End

I guess you're suppose to blog about the end of a year and the beginning of new. I think it clichè but I'll oblige.

2010 was the absolute worst year that I can ever imagine, ever, ever, ever. Because, you know what I got? A dead mom. Then, a dead grandpa in law, then a dead close family friend, then a dead a uncle, then just this past month, a other dead uncle.

2011 can only get better, right?


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