June 28, 2011

In Your Neck of The Woods: Ouch

Nothing makes your week like not one, but 2 wrecks. One was a scratch from a Priest's Honda. On a Sunday.

This one above, however, was with an older ladies Toyota. My car got more than a scratch. It was totaled today.

My arm, the air bag blocker.
 (nothing says fun y'all, like taking bruise pictures to document for insurance)

(ugliest, weirdest bruise ever across my chest!)

Luckily these injuries are not much worse. My kids seem fine, they were with me. We were on the way to the dentist. Instead, they got a ride in the ambulance. Now, I have 3 days to find a new car. I really liked my old car, Bessie. She will be missed.

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Stay safe!
The Southern Mama
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June 21, 2011

In my neck of the woods!

It was my turn to host at theRHOK.com for in your neck of the woods. Soooo, head over there & check me out today.

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June 13, 2011

Headshot Time!

Trying out a few new pics for Gray's portfolio. What do you think?

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June 6, 2011

you say it's your birthday...

it's my birthday tooooooo. I'm no longer dicussing how many years old I am, but Grayce will be happy to tell you. She announces it to everyone whether they care or not. She's generous like that.

Have I ever mentioned I'm a planner? OK, I WAS a planner. You might of noticed my children are 4.1 years apart and all. But, as soon as something huge happened that wasn't in my plan, I crumbled. We're still picking up the pieces and will be for sometime. My poor body can't take anymore and is rebelling. My poor family bless their hearts, are trying their best to help. My blog is seriously suffering. I applaud you if you've stuck around long enough to even read this.

Never in a million years would I have thought that on this, my thirty something birthday, my 2nd momless birthday, that my dad would be married to someone else and I would have been sick for like 4 months straight. But, wouldn't ya know, here I am.

Someone send me away. Preferably on a cruise, and not to the looney bin.

Feeling like bleu cheese,
the Southern Mama


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