April 13, 2008

Dentist Visit

This is dental visit number 2 for Grayce. Six months ago, she went without brother and was 3 1/2. I am not sure which contributed to the non-productive visit then...but, this time at 4 and with brother in the next chair they were able to get all the work done. Our appointments were at 4pm, we had new insurance and we were still out of there at 4:20! They see a pediatric dentist, with TV's in the ceilings and all kinds of bells and whistles. Whatever works...plus- no cavities for either so they got free meals at Outback!

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New Cousin!

Jason (Joe's brother) and Natasha had a baby girl on 4/8/08. Her name is Allee Joe. She is pictured with Joe and Gavin above and then Joe's Grandma Delores and Grayce below.
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April 8, 2008

UNwanted Visitor Camped on Porch

My neighbor chased it from her yard- and here is where it ended up. I guess it was truly tramatized from being chased with a broom- and wouldn't even flinch when poked or anything! Animal Control only takes care of evil cats and dogs, by the way. No way I was shelling out $100 to the wildlife man, so Mr. Ugly would have to hang out and we stayed clear of the front porch. Evidently it is odd for one to behave in this manner and it must have been displaced from the flooding from the storms we had the night before. Finally, after about a 6 hour stay- it moved on somewhere else, and we haven't seen him since. (Unless it is the roadkill out on 111th!)

April 4, 2008

Pet Post

This is a post just for the pets...as some people have asked about them- and I guess we haven't had much about them on the blog in awhile. Above is Cinnamon our African pygmy hedgehog. Not much of a cuddler :-)- but a cool pet.

This is Jack the Schnoodle lounging on Gavin's bed. He sleeps in there every night.
We recently lost the fish and dwarf frog. (But, the Mom is not quick to replace more pets she cares for!)
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April 2, 2008

Cake, Cuddles, Computers

On Grayce's actual birthday I got her one of those dog cakes from WM she has been wanting every time we see them. Let me tell you under all the butter cream, are 2 tiny cupcakes! It's the biggest blob of icing ever.

Here is Grayce and the gang of build a bears. She generally steals Gavin's football player rabbit and army triceratops (sp?) and adds them to her bear and husky. The dinosaur and the husky also both have "babies" that attach by magnets to their mouths. Even after the big party there, she went back the next week with friend Kenzie and had a shopping spree for new clothes & accessories with her b-day monies. They now have a very 'fru-fru' pink satin dog bed with a feather boa trim.

This is Gavin and Gray on the 'new to them' computer (really a very old one from the garage I bought a wireless adapter for!) I set it up by mine, so they would quit bugging me while working. I must recommend the Easy Link from Fisher Price! I have to set the timer, so they can take turns because they love it so much (that means there is fighting otherwise!) Yes, even the 8 year loves it! Easy Link has those little characters you can change and do all kinds of stuff online- but you never can mess it up or go anywhere else online for that matter. All the characters have different sites with games and coloring and learning- when you want a different one, then you just take one out and stick another one in. Right now Grayce is playing online paper dolls with Little People. Grayce can use it easily- just like she is a little computer pro!

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Easter Egg Hunting

The big easter egg hunt on the "farm" in Pawnee at Joe's parents.
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Grayce's 4th Birthday at Build A Bear

Grayce's party was a hectic one (she loved every minute!!) at build a bear. If you haven't been to a party there- well, there is no food or present opening allowed. So, we let her pick where to go to dinner and had cake there with just family and friends. Joe's Crab Shack was the place and she even did the chicken dance there to celebrate!
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Gavin's 8th Birthday

Gavin celebrated his 8th birthday at the Radisson Tulsa (41st & 169), which has Leapin Louie's Lagoon. It was a big hit!

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Branson Trip to Big Cedar

Here are the kiddos enjoying the indoor pool at Big Cedar Lodge. Some friends had a condo and we went to share randomly in February! Just me, and the long drive with 2 kids (Dad was in Houston on business). Jack the dog stayed with grandparents and away we went. The kids had a lot of fun with their friends...mom was just tired by the time we got back.
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Great Granma's 80th B-day

Here is my granma with 3 of her 8 great grandchildren for her 80th birthday.
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