April 2, 2008

Cake, Cuddles, Computers

On Grayce's actual birthday I got her one of those dog cakes from WM she has been wanting every time we see them. Let me tell you under all the butter cream, are 2 tiny cupcakes! It's the biggest blob of icing ever.

Here is Grayce and the gang of build a bears. She generally steals Gavin's football player rabbit and army triceratops (sp?) and adds them to her bear and husky. The dinosaur and the husky also both have "babies" that attach by magnets to their mouths. Even after the big party there, she went back the next week with friend Kenzie and had a shopping spree for new clothes & accessories with her b-day monies. They now have a very 'fru-fru' pink satin dog bed with a feather boa trim.

This is Gavin and Gray on the 'new to them' computer (really a very old one from the garage I bought a wireless adapter for!) I set it up by mine, so they would quit bugging me while working. I must recommend the Easy Link from Fisher Price! I have to set the timer, so they can take turns because they love it so much (that means there is fighting otherwise!) Yes, even the 8 year loves it! Easy Link has those little characters you can change and do all kinds of stuff online- but you never can mess it up or go anywhere else online for that matter. All the characters have different sites with games and coloring and learning- when you want a different one, then you just take one out and stick another one in. Right now Grayce is playing online paper dolls with Little People. Grayce can use it easily- just like she is a little computer pro!

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