July 27, 2010

WW: New Niece Hadleigh

July 19, 2010

MM: What room are you quiz....

You Are Most at Home in the Kitchen: "You Are Most at Home in the Kitchen
You're the type of person who finds a lot of comfort in your home. You love to take care of yourself and others.
Your home is welcoming and open to all. You love entertaining guests and making them feel a part of the family.

There's nothing like spending an afternoon in the kitchen, whipping up treats for you and your loved ones.
You believe that the simple things in life can be the most enjoyable. You like give your time and love to people."

My response: Um, whatever. Is this thing for real?

Head over to www.theRHOK.com today for your turn.

July 14, 2010

WW: OK Aquarium Visit

July 6, 2010

WW: The Dancing Demon

This firework was called the dancing demon: just want to point out how freaky it was that it really looked like dancing fire...


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