July 19, 2010

MM: What room are you quiz....

You Are Most at Home in the Kitchen: "You Are Most at Home in the Kitchen
You're the type of person who finds a lot of comfort in your home. You love to take care of yourself and others.
Your home is welcoming and open to all. You love entertaining guests and making them feel a part of the family.

There's nothing like spending an afternoon in the kitchen, whipping up treats for you and your loved ones.
You believe that the simple things in life can be the most enjoyable. You like give your time and love to people."

My response: Um, whatever. Is this thing for real?

Head over to www.theRHOK.com today for your turn.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Those who got kitchen seem to fall into either an Amen/Totally Nailed Me category or a You Have Got to Be Kidding Me category! I take it you're the latter!

jennykate77 said...

LOL...well, I got living room and it pretty much sums me up! I could be a little kitchen too. I like to cook and bake when I have the time.

momof3girls said...

So your not thrilled to be in the kitchen- maybe your just hollering at us to come on in and sit down as your grab the diet coke or a pitcher of margaritas as you join us in the living room! (At least that is how I will visualize it, your not cooking I promise!!)

Baloney said...

I think you are jealous of the living room people. :)
~ Priss

sd75 said...

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