March 30, 2009

80 year old Woman...

So, I am so tired I can't sleep. Exhausted. And still I'm up.

Friday the kids had well checks at the Dr. No shots. A first! Gavin had a sinus infection. No surprise really. That's the way we all feel around here! And this appt I asked about Gray's feet. She has the cutest ugly feet. Truthfully she has bunions. I was expecting the Dr to say we can't do anything until she's done growing.

Instead, she looks at them for a great while- noticing the remains of all the blisters and callouses she has. Then says: "I hardly ever refer anyone on- but she needs to see a pediatric orthopedist. She has the feet of an 80 yr old woman who wore pointy toe heels everyday. I have not seen the likes of this before. You must see a specialist- we can't just let anyone mess around with her feet." Whoa.

So, there is NO pediatric orthopedist in all of Tulsa. FYI to those in med school. One Dr comes over here from OKC. And not much I guess. June 26 is his next available. Mkay. Guess I'm taking her to OKC.

We go on April 20. I figure if we need something done, we should do at the start of summer and not lollygag about figuring it out. We have swimming to do and a state pageant to win! From what I can tell there is one procedure called a PE. Something about putting a staple in the growth plate. The poor baby girl and her cute ugly feet. They hurt her all the time. The blisters she gets alone are bad enough. Shoe shopping she LOVES- and we have many she adores but won't wear- pointing to various places and telling where they make her hurt. We have to fix her poor little feet!

Other than all that every one was looking good. Dr. was happy Gavin is up to 50%tile (he must have had heavy jeans on if you ask me!) and Gray remains all 90%'s. Her tallness is confirmed.

Back later with roller party pics!

March 28, 2009

Birthday Candles

Since we rarely partay on actual birthdays, we always do an small actual birthday celebration. They get to pick dinner and then have the dessert they want. Gavin had ice cream cupcakes- a new item at Walmart, and very yummy. And dinner at Hideaway.

Grayce picked this cute little cake, and we had dinner at Santa Fe Cattle Co., with her friend Kenzie.

Happy SNOWY Saturday!

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March 20, 2009

Aubree Needs...

Ok. I totally tagged myself from Baloney's blog. 'Cause I didn't get any tagging love from her- but I thought this would be oh, so fun. And I'll forgive her for ignoring me. Maybe.

Here's the deal- take your name and google ____needs, and then write the first ten things that come up. I've decided to use my actual name. Here goes...

1. Aubree needs all the love and attention she can get right now (yip, sure do. And cash also.)
2. Aubree needs to breathe. (yes, yes, I do.)
3. Aubree needs services to help her become more independent and improve her quality of life. (in the form of CASH, please.)
4. (Aubree needs...)Barack Obama and Joe Biden: The Change We Need | Aubree's Blog (truly the 3rd thing that came up. Really. I had NO idea I was SO important to Obama. I didn't even vote for him!)
5. Aubree needs to be Santa (wha? I am Santa!)
6. Aubree Needs a Man . (no, no I have one thanks.)
7. Aubree needs to learn to leave on time.(well, I mostly am on time, I think)
8. Aubree needs to be a member of My CoolWorks. ( I don't even know what that is)
9. (Aubree needs...)Barack Obama and Joe Biden: The Change We Need | Aubree's Blog... (WOW! 2x times in the top ten. Who knew?)
10. Aubree needs to upgrade your Flash player in order to view this video. (Yep. Story of my life right there.)

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Today's Feature...

Y'all. I went and got maiself featured. I am so excited! Please visit the link below.

This is a new feature that was recently added to Southern Living’s “Live Healthy” blog – and I'm the second to be selected!! I have no idea how they found me or what not, but I am extremely excited to be chosen! I heart Southern Living. (Well, I totally should be featured I guess, since they use mai name and all, don't you think? *snicker*)


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March 18, 2009


Grayce wanted to make us pink. Voila.

The EXTREME froo froo dress 'skeleton' has arrived. Take note. Next time you see it- it will be bedazzled.
For more wordless wednesday fun visit 5MFM- click over in the sidebar ----->.

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March 17, 2009

It's My First Review, Baby!

Y'all. I'm so excited! This is my very first product review! And I'm thrilled to introduce you to It's Hip Hop, Baby. (AND a Works for Me! Wednesday)
This line of CDs and DVDs are so fun! They take kid friendly songs and hip hop them up & make them learning based. My Grayce adores them all and plays the DVDs over and over dancing all the while. These are excellent energy users & mind expanders for your little one! (See why it Works for Me?? Tiring AND educational!) In fact the packaging states "accelerate your child's learning through hip movement and music." It' a brilliant idea!

I even sent the CD over to Grayce's pre-k class for another trial run. Apparently Grayce took to teaching everyone the moves, which her teacher told me was so cute! Everyone in class really enjoyed it! In fact, I'm going to leave the first CD with them to use, since I also received the new releases available TODAY! Go to and get yourself one or two ASAP.

Grayce is very fond of Hip Hop Simon Says and Hip Hop Alphabet. I shouldn't leave Gavin out- as he may be 8, but he busts a move with the DVD too. It's fun, educational, and energy using- you can't go wrong. More importantly buying would help the mom that created this "to help her son learn faster. (And) she quickly discovered that music and movement can unlock the brilliance in every child!". Check out more about them at
Enjoy, baby!

You can visit Kristen over at We Are THAT Family for more Works for Me Wednesday, because she recently took it over from Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer :-)

March 16, 2009

Suessical Musical

Last week, the Suessical Musical was performed by Gavin's school's 3rd grade classes. It was broken up over 4 different performances with 2 classes doing each. It was REALLY good. And I don't mean that lightly. I mean I've sat through some bo-ring stuff. The new music teacher does an awesome job. LifeChurch TV let them use their stage, lights and set and it was a wonderful show!

As mentioned in the captions on the pics- the lighting was reds and greens, etc. The camera did very strange things. Flashing just made for boring- so I went with the oddness to celebrate the Suess, himself!

Sorry again for the short writing break. Bothersome team uniform work had me crazy busy. A light day today, not on purpose- but trying to get caught up on other stuff. I miss your comments ;-)

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March 9, 2009

Grayce Wins!

On Sunday, Grayce was in the Diamond Miss pageant prelim- here in Tulsa. SHE has been begging for months to be in a "fashiont"
which is her word for pageant. I think it works. was totally her idea to do this and she was SO excited. Above she is in her "Casual Wear". Here she is ready for her talent. She did a gymnastic and dance routine I made up to 'Shout'. SHE got a perfect score. The only perfect score of the day!

And then, she won Division Supreme and her way paid to the State pageant in June. She was elated. We are working on some video to put up-but for some reason it won't transfer with audio from the camera. I will put it up ASAP!

She was zonked out afterwards- and asked to go to bed about 8:30. This is how she was when I checked on her. Her love for that trophy is big (she might have had that crown on too, but I told her it could hurt her head or break if she slept in it). Her brother has a lot of trophies, see. She can't let him be the only one.

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March 6, 2009

March Like a Lion

Hello generous readers. March is here and as you can tell I seem to be in the thick of it. March means baseball and that means uniform work and calls and work and calls. Then there is my own baseball player. They start KID pitch this season. On the 23rd. We are on a new team. They haven't practiced once. Kids are throwing fast moving balls at each other. We might need to get it together, eh? Gavin is taking a few private pitching and hitting lessons- being that he is a lefty and loves to pitch. I hope some other kids have taken some lessons, too. Or, well, we might be dangerous and bad. You know, not just one or the other.

In other news the little Miss is doing something this weekend I never thought we would. But when said girls asks you 347 times, then you give in and think she might just be a shoe in. Maybe. Well, tune in on Monday to see how that turns out.

In other news, I got this new purse.

It's orange zebra and I lurve it. Don't you? It's awesome and big and has the greatest, perfect strap height for carrying on the shoulder. It rawks.

Ok, enough randomness. Must be off to do something. Later...

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March 4, 2009

Wrestling Banquet

Wrestling season always ends with a banquet and awards. The kids get something special from the club and everyone comes together to celebrate the end. (aka Wahoo! It's over!!)

The fact that it was at Incredible Pizza (aka He]]) was very exciting to the kids. And not so much to any parent in attendance.
That place makes my head hurt.

Why is it so hard to take a normal picture of Gavin and his dad? Beats me. But after 4 or 12 trys this is what I got.
Here is the cute boy with his certificate and new Bixby Wrestling under armor. Just what we need to add to the wardrobe...more under armor. That is all the kids wear these days (do I sound old?). In fact Gavin's aunts said the other day when he was in a t-shirt- "Wow. We haven't seen you in a normal shirt in years. We are used to seeing your bony little body." Yeah. It's a fashion trend not so great for the chubby ones. Kinds of like UNITS back in the day. Remember those fashion greats?

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