March 9, 2009

Grayce Wins!

On Sunday, Grayce was in the Diamond Miss pageant prelim- here in Tulsa. SHE has been begging for months to be in a "fashiont"
which is her word for pageant. I think it works. was totally her idea to do this and she was SO excited. Above she is in her "Casual Wear". Here she is ready for her talent. She did a gymnastic and dance routine I made up to 'Shout'. SHE got a perfect score. The only perfect score of the day!

And then, she won Division Supreme and her way paid to the State pageant in June. She was elated. We are working on some video to put up-but for some reason it won't transfer with audio from the camera. I will put it up ASAP!

She was zonked out afterwards- and asked to go to bed about 8:30. This is how she was when I checked on her. Her love for that trophy is big (she might have had that crown on too, but I told her it could hurt her head or break if she slept in it). Her brother has a lot of trophies, see. She can't let him be the only one.

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Tammy said...

She looks so cute in all her pageant wear! Congratulations to the Princess.

Baloney said...

She is just too darn cute!


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