March 6, 2009

March Like a Lion

Hello generous readers. March is here and as you can tell I seem to be in the thick of it. March means baseball and that means uniform work and calls and work and calls. Then there is my own baseball player. They start KID pitch this season. On the 23rd. We are on a new team. They haven't practiced once. Kids are throwing fast moving balls at each other. We might need to get it together, eh? Gavin is taking a few private pitching and hitting lessons- being that he is a lefty and loves to pitch. I hope some other kids have taken some lessons, too. Or, well, we might be dangerous and bad. You know, not just one or the other.

In other news the little Miss is doing something this weekend I never thought we would. But when said girls asks you 347 times, then you give in and think she might just be a shoe in. Maybe. Well, tune in on Monday to see how that turns out.

In other news, I got this new purse.

It's orange zebra and I lurve it. Don't you? It's awesome and big and has the greatest, perfect strap height for carrying on the shoulder. It rawks.

Ok, enough randomness. Must be off to do something. Later...

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