March 4, 2009

Wrestling Banquet

Wrestling season always ends with a banquet and awards. The kids get something special from the club and everyone comes together to celebrate the end. (aka Wahoo! It's over!!)

The fact that it was at Incredible Pizza (aka He]]) was very exciting to the kids. And not so much to any parent in attendance.
That place makes my head hurt.

Why is it so hard to take a normal picture of Gavin and his dad? Beats me. But after 4 or 12 trys this is what I got.
Here is the cute boy with his certificate and new Bixby Wrestling under armor. Just what we need to add to the wardrobe...more under armor. That is all the kids wear these days (do I sound old?). In fact Gavin's aunts said the other day when he was in a t-shirt- "Wow. We haven't seen you in a normal shirt in years. We are used to seeing your bony little body." Yeah. It's a fashion trend not so great for the chubby ones. Kinds of like UNITS back in the day. Remember those fashion greats?

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Tammy said...

Bah ha ha said UNITS!

When I was in 11th grade, ahem, a long time ago...our PE uniform was this most HIDEOUS one piece thing that was little blue shorts zip up number with STRIPED short sleeves.

What a cutie he is. My son is doing his very first year of wrestling right now. No competitions this year though.

Baloney said...

Boy do I ever remember UNITS! My mom was a fanatic and I had an outfit from there too.
What were we thinking...

Anniebanannie said...

OMG Units...we rocked that store (wasn't there a "Units" store?) What in the tarnation was that fashion statement supposed to say?

So wrestling is over. Now to baseball?!!!


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