May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Texas

Fly over during the anthem by the Blackhawk's.
Our room with a view from Great Wolf Lodge.

At the game....

Dad & Gavin

Our view of the field

Lunch at the American Girl Bistro

Grayce in front of American Girl. She was giddy.

Bitty Baby (Jennifer) in her new ballet outfit.

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May 20, 2009

WFMW: Concrete Stain

BEFORE: Plain ol' ugly concrete

AFTER: Stained concrete....much prettier

This is a fairly easy, but lengthy project. Plus, this color is A LOT lighter than it looked on the brochure. Something I'll remember for the front when we do the driveway and sidewalks. Concrete staining is very expensive to have done professionally. But lends that special upgraded look to your home. So, my husband helped and we tried the back first, in case we messed it up. It just makes a big difference, and really wasn't all that hard.
STAINING STEPS: (we used Behr products this time)
-Power wash the concrete and let dry
-Apply the stain from a pump sprayer (like for bug or weed spray) set on fine mist
-Let dry for 4 hours, then apply the concrete sealer. I used a roller for that and we used a low lustre.
-Light traffic can resume in 24 hours, but wait 72 before putting the furniture back.
This project cost just about $75! Pros can charge $1000.

Concrete stain, DIY, works for me!

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May 18, 2009

Have you taken the T-Mobile Mom to Mom Quiz

T-Mobile Mom to Mom Quiz: "

Take the fun, Mom to Mom quiz and discover your parenting style.


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May 16, 2009


Hello internets: just letting you know I'm still alive- just a little off the blog game. 22 days of rain, wheezy breathing & coughing, lots to do and no motivation to do it- that's what I'm about right now!

In other news, next weekend on Sunday & Memorial Day (our 13th wedding anniversary, btw) we are taking the kids to the big D. The Yankees are coming to town to play the Rangers, Grayce and I have reservations to lunch at American Girl and then, we are staying at Great Wolf Lodge. Whoa mama....a lot to cover in 2 days! This should lend itself to some good blogging, no?

So long for now...I'll try to spice things up for some actual posts this next week!

May 8, 2009

Mother's Day...

It's always fun to see what the kids make at school for you on Mother's Day. Oh, it never ceases to amuse me.
Today was no exception. Grayce brought home a card- with all these questions that the teacher asked her about me and filled in. Here they are:
How old is your mom? 44 (Only 10 years off, the wrong way. In her defense when she says 34 it sounds exactly the same as 44)
How much does your mom weigh? 44lbs (why? Why would you ask this? & hmmmm, thanks. I pretty sure my bones weigh more than that!)
How tall is your mom? 66 feet. (ha!)
How does your mom relax? by laying down
My mom loves to cook: Hot dogs & Chips. (Really? We don't even have that hardly ever. I'm glad I've made such a culinary impression)
Mommy is great at a lot of things, but she is best at: working on her to computer to get my "fasheant" clothes in the mail. (Well, I am glad I'm good at somethin'!)
It makes her happy when: I clean my room. (I'm not happy all that often)
When my mom shops she loves to buy: Yarn (Huh?) and stuff to put on my "fasheant" clothes. (true, very true)
If she could go on a trip, she would go to OK City (no, really), and would take all our family, clothes and the dog. (Exciting!)
I really love it when my mom: Bop-a-bye's me
I love my mom because: I love to give her hugs and kisses.
My mom is as pretty as a: Raindrop when she has pretty make-up on. (Luv it)

Gavin made me another beeyootiful ceramic pottery piece. Orange this year. And made a lovely tea pot poem, and a questionnaire, kind of like Gray's. His answers may have sounded remarkably like what a certain 9 year old boy would want, such as:
If your mom had a magic wand: She would get a really big house with a pool and 21 spotted horses. (with 3 ranch-hands to handle the manure?)
If your mom won a million dollars she would: Buy 8 ipod touches, and an Xbox 360.(and a large media game room with sound proof walls?)
If you could give your mom one big present: I would give her a pool table. (a big pool table with a big diamond ring in the middle?)

Ahhh. Priceless.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

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May 4, 2009

The Blog is Suffering...

from all this frick frack illness. If you didn't know, I now have pnuemonia. And am on more drugs. I've spent a lot of $$ at the Dr. and Drug Warehouse. And not even for anything good. Obviously, it's not good in the least! Anywho. I have dragged myself to a photo shoot for Grayce who needs a portfolio for the pageant. And, been to lunch for Joe's birthday. That's about it. I also tried to run errands today but had a hacking event and went back home. I didn't get much done.

Giving myself a breathing treatment now, and I am hoping I can manage to get out the post I have planned for WFMW. I also plan to be at national Mom's Night Out on Thursday- where I am suppose to be meeting some fantastic mom blogger peeps. If I have to quadruple up on some meds, I'm going to be there.

Check back tomorrow- for the frugal version of WFMW. There. I said it twice- I'll have to do it!

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