May 20, 2009

WFMW: Concrete Stain

BEFORE: Plain ol' ugly concrete

AFTER: Stained concrete....much prettier

This is a fairly easy, but lengthy project. Plus, this color is A LOT lighter than it looked on the brochure. Something I'll remember for the front when we do the driveway and sidewalks. Concrete staining is very expensive to have done professionally. But lends that special upgraded look to your home. So, my husband helped and we tried the back first, in case we messed it up. It just makes a big difference, and really wasn't all that hard.
STAINING STEPS: (we used Behr products this time)
-Power wash the concrete and let dry
-Apply the stain from a pump sprayer (like for bug or weed spray) set on fine mist
-Let dry for 4 hours, then apply the concrete sealer. I used a roller for that and we used a low lustre.
-Light traffic can resume in 24 hours, but wait 72 before putting the furniture back.
This project cost just about $75! Pros can charge $1000.

Concrete stain, DIY, works for me!

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Sarah said...

It looks great! I am so glad to know it wasn't that expensive! I am saving this link, our neighbors did theirs in a dark charcoal which would be totally cool to go with our gray house! I am dying to try it! Thanks for sharing your tips! :)

Charlene said...

We just stained our concrete porch...did you add a non-slip additive to the sealer? We had to...when the concrete got wet, it was very slippery. We also used a concrete etch by Behr before appying the stain...they said this would allow the stain to penetrate and not chip later. Did you have to do this step also or is there another product out that has less steps? Looks great!!

Baloney said...

That does sound easy! I'm thinking about staining my front courtyard someday soon. I paid a lot of money for the back porch to be stained in the fall.


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