October 31, 2010

Mcklinky Monday: Family History

Today you'll have to follow me over to the RHOK, as I am hosting the MckLinky Monday this week & I'm talking genealogy and family history...what do you know about yours? Link up with us and share! See you there.


October 25, 2010

MckLinky Monday: Worst Job

This week the RHOK wants to know all about your worst job. I really have liked most of my jobs. Except one, where I worked for approximately 4 hours, then quit.

I went through several hours of training to work as an aid in a nursing home when I was 16. (What was I thinking?)  The training was fine, I passed, I went out on the floor.

One 1/2 shift later and I was done. Because, ewww. I can't handle the elderly. Sorry, but  it's true.

I will always remember what the woman over the position told me.  Some people can work with old people, some people can work with babies.

So, babies. I am all about babies.

October 19, 2010

WW: OMG, Puke

October 15, 2010

Out to RHOK: Napkin Art #Fail!

In the spirit of our friend The Napkin Dad, I decided this week to draw a little napkin myself, for my girl's lunch.  I thought she'd be ok with it. I considered the 10 year old boy was going on a field trip that day and might be mortified, so I only put one her lunch. But before I go any further I have to give you some background info.....(to read the rest you'll have to join me over at www.therhok.com!)

October 12, 2010

WW: Week in Sports

Trapezing in the air...

and tackling in the air. 
(Thanks to Sasha for the shot here!)

October 4, 2010

MM: YouTube

(Disclaimer: I am not a rule follower.)   So, over at theRHOK.com today Mrs. Priss is asking us about our favorite You Tube video. I'll admit, I had to do some serious research, as I am not a regular youtuber, unless I am trying to figure something out. It was fun research, though. No way I could choose one. No way.

And so, here you go. My top five:


(esp at the 2:25 mark)

Of course!

Pretty much the whole channel is awesome.

Or, just watch this and it's a quick summary. Except for the striped sock girl. My apologies for her.

Don't forget to jump in over at the RHOK!


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