January 10, 2007

Our new Hedgehog....Cinnamon

We are very sad that Hedgie the Hedgehog died. The breeder gave us a new one, and she is about 5 months old and full size. Hedgie was a very small baby, we are not sure what happened. He was so sweet. Cinnamon is warming up to us. Cinnamon is actually the color she is called. Hedgie was a Salt & Pepper. They are very interesting animals, and very sweet- plus NON rodent-like, which was a requirement of mine. If you like rodents, sorry, but yuck!
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Jack loves to have his picture taken!!

Isn't he cute?? Posted by Picasa
Gavin's other favorite present, an electric scooter.... Posted by Picasa
Jackie Boy's latest photo! Posted by Picasa

More Christmas Presents!!

Grayce got a big girl bed! If she slept in it without escaping her room in the night- this would be a plus, but we are working on it!

Gavin & Dad play playstation 2, new to us this Christmas. Also, the new favorite pasttime. Joe plays even without Gavin!
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