January 20, 2012

Flabbergasted: My baby girl is WHAT?

So, what if they told you your baby was obese (not just overweight mind you, OBESE!), and she looked like this:

Yah, so, what if she has some weird metabolic disease or worse? I'm freaking out. They've said her BP & cholesterol are elevated too. Talk about a complex at age 7!

This is my girl: how can this be? At least 8 hours of gymnastics and dance every week plus! She's not one to sit! Ever. Holy hell! Even when her elbow was broken in 2 places last month in a cast for 6 weeks she was still at gymnastics, she still ran about everyday, she still did 4x as many activities on our cruise than her brother- I mean exhausting climbing, water trampolining, and swimming that wore her dad out! Did we unknowingly given her bad genes!? This really is freaking me out. She's 7 and now I have to say, no you can't eat that!

On the other hand my son, a sixth grader- who still technically requires a car seat booster scores normal on those same medical charts-actually a bit above . What the hell people?!?

 I can't grasp this yet. Any ideas anyone? Thoughts?

Me? Flabbergasted.

The Southern Mama

January 14, 2012

Everywhere except here...

Boy, I feel I'm a slacker. This blog I started back before blogging was actually cool & all that- was suppose to serve as a scrapbook for my family & kids as the years went on. Half of it is even in print as a book! I used to love to use it to chronicle the kids and post photos. But now there's Facebook, twitter, instagram and all the other stuff I do. It's like I leave imprints and chronicle history all about the Internet. Everywhere but here.

If I was smart enough to figure it out and sell it- I'd make the opposite happen that happens now. See, when you blog, you can have it post everywhere else. Well, I want what I publish everywhere else to post to my blog. Anyone know how to help me make that happen? Don't you agree?!

The Southern Mama


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