January 20, 2012

Flabbergasted: My baby girl is WHAT?

So, what if they told you your baby was obese (not just overweight mind you, OBESE!), and she looked like this:

Yah, so, what if she has some weird metabolic disease or worse? I'm freaking out. They've said her BP & cholesterol are elevated too. Talk about a complex at age 7!

This is my girl: how can this be? At least 8 hours of gymnastics and dance every week plus! She's not one to sit! Ever. Holy hell! Even when her elbow was broken in 2 places last month in a cast for 6 weeks she was still at gymnastics, she still ran about everyday, she still did 4x as many activities on our cruise than her brother- I mean exhausting climbing, water trampolining, and swimming that wore her dad out! Did we unknowingly given her bad genes!? This really is freaking me out. She's 7 and now I have to say, no you can't eat that!

On the other hand my son, a sixth grader- who still technically requires a car seat booster scores normal on those same medical charts-actually a bit above . What the hell people?!?

 I can't grasp this yet. Any ideas anyone? Thoughts?

Me? Flabbergasted.

The Southern Mama


Jill of All Trades said...

Wow, I'm at a loss for words at that. Maybe a genetic thing, I don't know. It's confusing and scary too. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

It's the stupid BMI charts. When I took my daughter in for her 7 year old well check last year the doctor told me she was obese. I quickly set him straight. Yes, she weighed over 80 pounds, but she was NINE INCHES TALLER THAN THE AVERAGE seven year old. She was in gymnastics at least 10 hours a week plus all the other running around kids do. In the next sentence he said he had never seen a resting heart rate so low in someone her age (under 50 beats per minute). Huh, maybe because in addition to gymnastics, she had taken up running for fun. After he measured her body fat and realized it was on the lower end, he started changing his tune. They need to look past the stupid graphs and actually look at the child. My daughter is built like me, very tall and the word thin would never be used. She will never have have thin stick arms and legs like some girls, but she has great muscle definition. My sons on the other hand, they are skinny. Who knows where it comes from? Don't stress. I know, easier said than done.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Those charts are kinda wack sometimes -I've been at the opposite end -where my son was "too skinny" -It's always hard to get him to eat -at least he seems to have outgrown his milk allergy so, he can eat creamy things and gain more weight. But,Let me tell you they can make you feel like a crappy mom-especially this 1 nutritionist we had to see. It's good to learn healthy tips- if they put ya'll on some plan -But, Hang in there -cause it can be rough sometimes! Well, anyways yep probably some genetics -I was a skinny kid too -wish I was still skinny-Lol.

ShaRhonda @ The 4- Crow's said...

I'm still thinking the charts are somehow different for the XY's than they are for the XX's! She is perfect. This is how are beautiful daughters get caught up in image and disorders at such an early age. Hang in there my friend and know that we are here supporting you.

Dawn said...

I'm sorry. That's never something a parent wants to hear.

But, maybe it will help you to help her so she doesn't become diabetic, etc.... That would be my main concern at her age. The number on the scale doesn't bother me. She looks great to me.


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