May 4, 2009

The Blog is Suffering...

from all this frick frack illness. If you didn't know, I now have pnuemonia. And am on more drugs. I've spent a lot of $$ at the Dr. and Drug Warehouse. And not even for anything good. Obviously, it's not good in the least! Anywho. I have dragged myself to a photo shoot for Grayce who needs a portfolio for the pageant. And, been to lunch for Joe's birthday. That's about it. I also tried to run errands today but had a hacking event and went back home. I didn't get much done.

Giving myself a breathing treatment now, and I am hoping I can manage to get out the post I have planned for WFMW. I also plan to be at national Mom's Night Out on Thursday- where I am suppose to be meeting some fantastic mom blogger peeps. If I have to quadruple up on some meds, I'm going to be there.

Check back tomorrow- for the frugal version of WFMW. There. I said it twice- I'll have to do it!

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Funky Food Trisha said... and I are excited about Thursday and getting to hang out with you and so many other wonderful women at the Mom's Night Out! And hope you are feeling better.

Kelly said...

Oh Honey...feel better and I'll be crossing my fingers for your drugs to finally kick in...especially by tomorrow night!

Stine said...

Oh my goodness. I had no idea you were so sick. I'm glad you felt good enough to go last night and I was so glad to meet you! If you were still feeling yucky you hid it very well!


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