March 30, 2009

80 year old Woman...

So, I am so tired I can't sleep. Exhausted. And still I'm up.

Friday the kids had well checks at the Dr. No shots. A first! Gavin had a sinus infection. No surprise really. That's the way we all feel around here! And this appt I asked about Gray's feet. She has the cutest ugly feet. Truthfully she has bunions. I was expecting the Dr to say we can't do anything until she's done growing.

Instead, she looks at them for a great while- noticing the remains of all the blisters and callouses she has. Then says: "I hardly ever refer anyone on- but she needs to see a pediatric orthopedist. She has the feet of an 80 yr old woman who wore pointy toe heels everyday. I have not seen the likes of this before. You must see a specialist- we can't just let anyone mess around with her feet." Whoa.

So, there is NO pediatric orthopedist in all of Tulsa. FYI to those in med school. One Dr comes over here from OKC. And not much I guess. June 26 is his next available. Mkay. Guess I'm taking her to OKC.

We go on April 20. I figure if we need something done, we should do at the start of summer and not lollygag about figuring it out. We have swimming to do and a state pageant to win! From what I can tell there is one procedure called a PE. Something about putting a staple in the growth plate. The poor baby girl and her cute ugly feet. They hurt her all the time. The blisters she gets alone are bad enough. Shoe shopping she LOVES- and we have many she adores but won't wear- pointing to various places and telling where they make her hurt. We have to fix her poor little feet!

Other than all that every one was looking good. Dr. was happy Gavin is up to 50%tile (he must have had heavy jeans on if you ask me!) and Gray remains all 90%'s. Her tallness is confirmed.

Back later with roller party pics!


Tammy said...

POOR sweet little baby!

Kelly said...

That's crazy that you have to go all the way to OKC. T-town makes me crazy sometimes.


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