June 6, 2011

you say it's your birthday...

it's my birthday tooooooo. I'm no longer dicussing how many years old I am, but Grayce will be happy to tell you. She announces it to everyone whether they care or not. She's generous like that.

Have I ever mentioned I'm a planner? OK, I WAS a planner. You might of noticed my children are 4.1 years apart and all. But, as soon as something huge happened that wasn't in my plan, I crumbled. We're still picking up the pieces and will be for sometime. My poor body can't take anymore and is rebelling. My poor family bless their hearts, are trying their best to help. My blog is seriously suffering. I applaud you if you've stuck around long enough to even read this.

Never in a million years would I have thought that on this, my thirty something birthday, my 2nd momless birthday, that my dad would be married to someone else and I would have been sick for like 4 months straight. But, wouldn't ya know, here I am.

Someone send me away. Preferably on a cruise, and not to the looney bin.

Feeling like bleu cheese,
the Southern Mama


ShaRhonda said...

We are not sending you away anywhere! Maybe to a tropical island too heal for a week, but we go also! I wish these things made more sense and I had answers for you Aubree. Happy Birthday my friend. I love you!

Baloney said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you find some joy today through happy memories.
I'm a major planner, as you know, but life has kicked me in the rear so many times that I've learned to flex a little.
If nothing else, I hope your health is returning quickly so that you won't have physical pain today. The heart just takes time.

Dawn said...

I think we, as in The RHOK, should go with you to help you heal in the tropics!!

I am so sorry you haven't been feeling well. :( I hope you get relief soon.

I hope your birthday was special.


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