June 28, 2011

In Your Neck of The Woods: Ouch

Nothing makes your week like not one, but 2 wrecks. One was a scratch from a Priest's Honda. On a Sunday.

This one above, however, was with an older ladies Toyota. My car got more than a scratch. It was totaled today.

My arm, the air bag blocker.
 (nothing says fun y'all, like taking bruise pictures to document for insurance)

(ugliest, weirdest bruise ever across my chest!)

Luckily these injuries are not much worse. My kids seem fine, they were with me. We were on the way to the dentist. Instead, they got a ride in the ambulance. Now, I have 3 days to find a new car. I really liked my old car, Bessie. She will be missed.

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Stay safe!
The Southern Mama
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Dawn said...

Yikes! The car AND you look pretty bad. Those airbags can be so dangerous. My one really bad wreck I had more damage from the airbag than the wreck itself. However, I remind myself that the airbag may have kept me from eating the steering wheel.

But, I had a bruise everywhere my seatbelt touched my skin. The airbag actually burned the impression of my necklace into my skin. Freaky!

Happy you and the kids are okay. Good luck finding a new car.

Lindsey said...

OMG! I am so glad you and the kids are ok. How scary!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Oh no! I'm glad there's no serious injuries though and I hope you find a new car soon!

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

So scary! Thankful everyone is safe & walked away from the wreck!
Happy car hunting?! I am sure you will find an awesome replacement for Bessie :)
Thanks for linking up today!
xo-Mrs. M

ShaRhonda said...

I am so thankful you and the kids are okay. Bessie was honestly ready for a break- that was her 3rd uh oh experience since I've known you! This time I hope OKSTATEJOE gets you a voice activated alarm that detects any crook or potential wreck 100 feet away and barks like a mad dog at them!

Baloney said...

I was wondering how you were doing.
You know I got in 2 accidents in one day, right? It was SUPER fun.

momof3girls said...

Oh my goodness! Your poor car, your poor arm! I am glad that everyone is ok!!! Good luck finding your new car & remember we will want to see pics!

ruralgoneurban.com said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad you're ok!!!

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

I think your next car should be a tank. That should keep you and the kids safe. Glad everyone is okay. Was good seeing Little G Monday night.


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