January 26, 2011

Catch Up

Here's what's happened since I actually blogged last, I think. I really don't even know because it's been so long. Heh.

-Grayce won 2 all around first places at gymnastics meets.
-Gavin has played a few basketball games very well. He scored 6/10 points last week.
-I've had the flu for like the whole month.
-I've had bronchitis for the rest of the month.
-I still have a broken rib, hypothyroidism, chronic anemia, and insomnia + restless leg syndrome, among other things. Fun times, fun times.
-I finally got approved to sub Jenks. But I'm too tired and sick to actually sub. So, hopefully that improves soon.
-We had 2 snow days in a week my kids were already out of school 1 day, while I had the flu. Fun times.
-Gavin played in a dodge ball tourney.
-I'm still coughing, which keeps rebreaking my rib.
-I really just want to take naps all day.
-I need to see about 7 movies before Oscar day. I've not seen Inception, Blue Valentine, True Grit, Rabbit Hole, Kings Speech, Biutiful, & Kids Are Alright. If you want to see any, call me.
-I've vowed to be a better blogger.
-But I probably won't be until after February, which will be forever known as the month of hell.
-I can't get rid of headaches that go down into my neck.
-I have not taken down my Christmas tree.
-My house is a disaster of epic proportions.

Things I need to do:
-Hire housekeeper
-Win lottery


6 Happy Hearts said...

Girl this post makes me tired & I just read it?! I'm worried about you!
I'll come clean if ya let me : )

Leanna said...

I need to hire a housekeeper and win the lottery too!! ;)

You girls and your Christmas trees! lol

Hope you are feeling better soon!


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