August 30, 2010

Monday Mcklinky: Changes

Today the MM is about if your routine changes when school starts.

Well, in a word, yes.

In the summer, we don't use alarm clocks. But, now, we have to- or else we'll be running around in panic most every morning-clothes & food flying in a mad dash for the bus.

Summer means we generally don't have an agenda. I like the words "no plans".

In the summer we don't really do much practice of sports. Just a few weeks here & there. But when the first Monday in August comes, it's football. We drag ourselves out there 4 nights a weeks, blazing temps and all. Stinky laundry and the need for organization take over. Team mom of 24 boys requires much work, money collecting, email sending, coordination, and calendar making- just to name a few things. Then, school & games actually start. This only further complicates things.

Somehow I also got roped into doing the school newsletter each month for the PTA where my son attends. I'm not naming any names (Mrs. McGillicutty), must have known I have an issue saying no. Also, I vowed never to be on the PTA: yet here I am. I managed to avoid it 5 years. That's a good record, right? So, add that to my list.

I also built a new website for another organization. I'm not naming any names again about who volunteered me (Mrs. McGillicutty). So, now add that to the other 8 websites or newsletters I'm already in charge of and, well, see how the school year adds just a few more things for me to do?

Then, there is homework. I hate homework.

And, finding clothes for the kids to wear.

And keeping people fed & buying groceries.

Plus, now, I'm in charge of oh, so much more anyway, since my mom passed. I'm hardly ready for it ALL to start up again, when I just was enjoying the small break. Why do breaks go so fast?

Since I do stay at home, people wonder why I often look tired. And why my house is messy now. And why I never get done with laundry anymore.

Well, surprisingly, after all that I'm responsible for: I just don't have all that much free time and energy. I guess some people do, but not me! Surely if I was on a payroll, I'd be making 6 figures.

Or seven.

the Southern Mama


momof3girls said...

Wow! you do alot- I think you sound pretty amazing! I hate trying to find socks - they are my nmesis!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

You sure got a lot of irons in the fire! I know it sure would be nice to actually get paid for all the work us SAHM's do -Of course you'd probably make more than me with all you got going on ;)


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