August 10, 2010

Monday Mcklinky: On Tuesday

Having been thru a few states in the last few days, not involving a plane: I am writing this Monday MckLinky on Tuesday. We went to Shreveport again to pick up Grayce's shoe inserts. I am REALLY not happy we had to drive 12hours to pick up 2 pieces of foam. I have to call there because my dad and I both recall something about a tonal bar....and long story short, we just have foam. (Also, thanks to the Red Neck Diva for saving my arse, because it was actually my Monday and I was all in Cajun country with no laptop; because I'm organized like that.)

So, back to question at hand: Back to School, happy or sad?

Well, since I've gotten the whole chaotic meet the teacher thing over with today: I can write this with a clearer head. OK. That's not really true. That seriously wore me out.


Back to school is a bittersweet concoction of emotions. I HATE schedules. And as soon as August rolls around we are on a serious downhill slide involving hydration, rest, football practice, lots of sweat, school supplies, $100 for this, $25 for that, $5 here, $10 there, football practice, clothes shopping, and football practice, and then throw in Grayce's gymnastics, acrobatting, pageanting & what not. We have to get ready to leave the house to be on time for this and that, get people up in the morning, get people dressed, get people out to the bus, get homework done. I HATE homework. And, this year is more stressful because Gavin will now have 3 teachers instead of one: and that means I he will have a lot more to keep up with....and then there is my baby. She is in first grade this year! Wail, wail, wail, my baby is a first grader!

But, then: there is sweet freedom, 8am-4pm of quiet. That is pure bliss. So, you can see how I am torn.

(big kids, *sniff)

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