August 26, 2010

2 truths & a lie: the answer post

So, I made you wait a few more days for the answer. Oops! But I'm long on things that need done & short on the energy to do them.


1. True. I have the picture somewhere to prove it. I went to NYC & DC at spring break for 10 days when I was 16 with a big group of other 16-18 year olds through my church. It was called International Affairs Seminar. It was awesome. Still can't believe my parents let me! ha!

2. True. Guess I threw one too many passes. Unfortunately, I was not paid quite the salary as a pro.

3. Obviously, not true. While I have had a huge variety of past life jobs, I've never been a dispatcher. Always wanted to be one though.

Roger that. Over and out.

The Southern Mama

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Tammy said...

10-4 Good Buddy!


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