September 2, 2010


A lot of times I get asked what I did this week or today by various people. And/or I get asked how I am. I never answer with the truth. Do you? In my case, it would just take too long. I mean, do they really want to know anyway? Instead, I'm just going to write a post about it. It was kind of a regular week- not overly full. It's just kind of a general reference for the future. If you actually wonder what I do, here ya go.

Monday I caught up on some website work & emails, finished & edited the 456 school newsletter & sent off for approval, folded some laundry, prepared a football deposit, ran some errands. Was back home at 4 for the kids, then served snacks & got Gavin's game gear rounded up for team pictures. Then I printed out some extra picture order forms & found some envelopes in case people forgot. Then I loaded up the car for football, picked up a other player & went to the HS field. I collected money for pics & raffle tickets, then helped the boys fix hair & jerseys for pics. Sat through practice, then brought Gavin home and ate dinner. Got everyone settled in bed and then played WWF and bejewled & caught up on Facebook & Twitter. I also think I had to update the Kids for Christ site & all the countdown timers bc the start date was moved out one week. But that might have been Tuesday.

Tuesday I got up extra early to shower because I had a funeral to attend in Stroud, about 45min away- at 10am. Got everyone out the door in time for the bus and then realized immediately Gavin forgot his medicine. So, I rushed and got ready knowing I'd have to hit school before hitting the turnpike. Called school on the way & begged them to have Gav waiting on me in the office, which he was. Verified how many hard copies to make of the newsletter with the principal and headed out. Noticed I needed gas & stopped for that & a coffee. (Smitty's coffee=bleh, btw). Drove over for the funeral, making it at 9:54am. Just in time. Thankfully dad saved me a seat. After the funeral dad had to leave right away, and my other uncle wasn't feeling well, so the other one took him home because I said I'd stay and chauffeur Granny to the graveside service. (Side note: Sylvie- a long time family friend of my grandparents is who had passed away. She had been staying almost every night at Granny's house since moving back to Stroud about 7mo ago. She had her own house, but had never stayed alone at night ever- she was age 84!! Granny was happy to let her come sleep at her house. Her company will be missed: a great, kind lady.) The graveside didn't take too long and Granny & I finally made our way to the church- where she'd be helping serve the family meal. At some point during maneuvering my car is when I pinched the nerve in my neck- and I was not feeling so great. At the church, the family filled the entire place. I tell Granny I'm in the way and am just going to head out- but Granny has no part of that. So I stayed in the kitchen until they finally all got fed, then Granny made me fix a plate and eat lunch. Old lady home cooked food & dessert is the only perk of a funeral, ya know. I had fried chicken & fresh peach cobbler. Then, I make my way out because I give the "kids will be home soon" notice. I make my way back home and go to the store & pharmacy for refill of muscle relaxers for my neck. By this point it even hurts to yawn. I gather things we need grocery wise in CVS, while waiting on the scripts. I make it home in time for the bus arrival, barely. I clean up some stuff, take a relaxer, and then round up Gav for football. After loading up the car, I go get football friend & take them down to practice. Then, it is parent orientation night, so I rush back across the river, meet Joe at church, transfer Grayce to his car and then go into to school. I learn all I need to there, meet all the teachers & get informed, sign Joe up for Watch Dog Dad's & then head back to football fields. I stopped to get a drink at QT- then barely made it before the lightning rolled in and caused the fields to clear in record time. I collected a few more raffle tickets & money on the run back to the car. We got home a bit earlier than usual. I made dinner and got everyone settled to bed and all the appropriate notes & papers signed & filled out for the next day.

Wednesday, no alarm went off & I awoke at 8:15. The bus comes at 8:21 & I have a PTA meeting at 9a. We rush rush rush out the door. Kids not late, I'm there for meeting. Newsletter is approved. We decide we need a FB page and web page, which I will do. Meeting finally over & I missed 2 calls during. First, Grandma: she needs stamps and water when I come over to pay her rent. Coach K needs me to order pizza and send an email regarding Thursday, Friday, & Monday. On way to grandma's after PTA meeting I stop to make 15 copies of newsletter to take back to school later and get stamps at UPS store. I decide this to save time & paid $8 for newsletters myself rather than have to drive all the way to 61st & Mingo where the PTA account is for some reason. It was worth it bc by now it's raining. I also got a Starbucks bc I can. Then, I went to CVS again bc they have 24ct of water on sale for $2.77, which I noticed when in there the day before. Grandma will also be out of prevacid, so I pick up that too & use my $6 off coupon that I got Tuesday. I'm suppose to meet Dara at Hobby Lobby at 11:15. It's 11a. I make it to HL and browse around, then find Dara and pay for her shelf so she can use 2 coupons. While I'm in there I call Walgreens and figure out why Grandma's other RX isn't ready yet. After HL, I run in the rain to my car & then head to grandma's. I paid her rent, dispersed her meds for the next week & a half, gave her stamps and water & then headed out after talking to apt manager about her dog & the drawer pull cutting her leg. I pick up the other RX on the way back home. I remember i need some things and run to the store first instead. At home I return emails & then make a 456 PTA logo & facebook page, and make the new web page for them & twitter account. I ordered pizza for dinner. After dinner I composed the email for Grayce's class about jog a thon & to introduce myself as the homeroom mom, and tell who the co-mom's are. Made sure Grayce knew her spelling words & got everyone in bed. I took more muscle relaxers & laid down. I probably played my turns on WWF & scrabble first though.

That brings me to today when I was too tired to do much- but made the order for pizza for 24 boys & gathered plates and forks. I went to CVS again to buy more water for the boys & the ran home to get it on ice. I returned emails and updated the RHOK, since Monday is the day I host the question post. Good news, I can tilt my head a little & yawn without horrible pain! I called and double checked all the pizza would be ready & loaded the car with kids & water. Then I picked up the pizza and delivered it to the home of the Spartans for the game film watching party. I left them there, and ran Grayce home. I tore all the raffle tickets we collected into singles, to put in the drawing box & compiled all the monies in one bag to be counted tomorrow. Then, I drove back to football & cleaned up the pizza mess, waited for the boys to get done. After that I came back home & had dinner, now everyone's in bed.

Tomorrow the agenda is mostly clear. The kids don't have school! I'd planned to swim & lounge: wouldn't ya know that's not gonna happen? Of course, it storming now due to a cold front! But, that's mainly how a week goes for me. Next time anyone wants to know, I'll just have them reference this post.

Oh, and how am I? Really? I'm tired. I'm probably cranky. I'm usually at least pretending to be happy- but I'm usually not so much.
I'm have about 1,355 other things going thru my head. But...

How are you? {Fine & you?}

What you do this week? {Ah, not much, not much at all.}

The Southern Mama


Mom Mayhem says: said...

I sure hope you do get some R&R this weekend! I'm thinking it's gonna end up up being pretty nice this weekend -I think it'd be good to keep up with the cooler weather -We've got some yard work-etc. on our agenda-Ugh. Usually I got a lot on my mind too -things that I should be doing -but, probably procrastinating - Then I rush and get everything done -Story of my life -But, yeah I don't always tell everyone -everything ;)

Baloney said...

This week? Not much. LOL.
You do have one of the most hectic schedules ever.

Alex said...

when you think of it...
wasting time on the same old stuff


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