April 15, 2009

I just can't even imagine...

(My apologies for the FUNKEE formatting of this post. Yes. I am computer savvy. No. I am too tired to keep messing with it. You'll just have to muddle thru it. Okthanksbai.)

The Tribute to Our Madeline from Mike and Heather on Vimeo.
Dearest Internettes:
Why, why, why? I am still so incredibly upset about the loss of the babies in
my blog world this past week.
As you know, I have chosen to head up the TULSA area (THE SOUTHERN FAMILY ) team for Maddie and MOD at the walk here
in Tulsa on 4.25.09 at 10am. I have broadcast this before, and it's on the blog, and facebook. However- no ONE has signed up to
be on the team or to pledge any money. Of course, I myself gave money to Maddie's Mom's team for the LA Walk- so I don't even have a
donation to myself. I know ya'll can change that!! I know it. Oklahoma peeps (especially) can sign up to walk with me and the fam
(and if not the Dad and boy because of baseball- then ME and the Girl, at the very least). Now, I am not one to just up and join a cause
and all- so really y'all should see this as a great idea of mine and please help a sistah out. Um, so I don't look like a loooooser if nothing else.

I am including some links about Maddie below. Beware when reading -especially the last post by her mom, which is the speech
SHE was strong enough to read at Maddie's funeral today. She is braver than I think I could ever be. She's a hero for her Maddie.
More than likely, I would be on valium and tranqulizers and laying in a dark room never to return to the light of day.
That is what I imagine it to be like. But, I am sure it is a million times worse than that. Heather and her husband had beautiful
words about their baby. They are some of the bravest people I know. And by know, I mean that I read her blog
and tweets, and I was once VERY concerned that Heather needed stitches and tried to convince her via twitter- yet I was not all that
convincing. She should have listened to me though- she in fact needed them but waited too long. That is my only
actual communication with this woman who is my hero today. We've never met but we have connected- connected through
the love of our babies, and the Mommyhood we share.


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