April 15, 2009

works for me wednesday

Time for another WFMW post! This one is short & sweet. But first, let me wish mai favorite Southern Greek friend TAMMY a very Happy Birthday (and tax deadline day). Happy, happy!!

Isn't she just the cutest May Pole dancer fairy?

Ever get bored of yee ol' plain hula hoop? Wanna give your kids a glam and bedazzled alternative?

With only a $1 hula hoop from Big Lots, some leftover ribbon & trims.......

Voila! It's a fancee schmancee hula hoop. Hooping works for me (and by me I mean Grayce, cause yo- I cannot hoop it up to save my life unless an embroidery machine is involved). Grayce is like a sooper hooper! What ?? You need video proof? I'm working on it. Promise!!
Your kid is guaranteed to LOVE the Hola Hoop 2.0. For more ideas visit KRISTEN at We are THAT Family!


Jerralea said...

Is that Tammy of Greek GRITS fame?

I love your hula hoop idea! Too bad my girls are too big for them now, but someday when I'm a nana I'm going to remember this!

Tammy said...

Bwah ha ha ha ha....YOU ARE HILARIOUS!

Thanks for sharing the birthday love.

Baloney said...

Cute hoop! Think my boys would like one decorated like that?! ha.


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