April 6, 2009

Season Opener: Starting Pitcher for the Yankees

Here's my starting pitcher for the BIXBY Yankees. Maybe, one day for the original.

We had our first game on Saturday against a BA team. Gavin was the starting pitcher and threw 5 strikeouts. Also, there were only 2 hits off him in the 3 innings he pitched. He did a great job! He was very nervous- you could tell- even though he said he wasn't. Also, he only hit one batter. Good thing the kid had a helmet on... The BA pitcher hit 2 of our kids- plus he outweighed Gavin by about 75 pounds. Humorous. I was very proud of Gavin, he did wonderfully for our very first game of the season, and our very first game of kid pitch. He is a lefty and throws a slight curve. You would see the boys move because they thought it might hit them- and then the ump would yell- "Steeerike". I am hoping he keeps it up. Maybe to pay for college. Or allow me to retire.

Here is the princess at the game. She uses this as social hour. She finds friends, they play with rocks and dirt and barbies. Good times for her. She also sports her pink Yankees shirt. Game fashion is important. She had to have a hat, too. But today she had to let one of the boys we were late picking up on the team borrow it. She was even gracious about it. I though for sure she would argue.
"It's one, two, three strikes your out...at the ol' ballgame!"

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Anniebanannie said...

He looks like a little pro! Too cute!

Future Mama said...

Look at your little cuties!! Oh you're thinking right as you're thinking about him helping you retire!! haha!! That's what I need to create... A pro athlete! haha!


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