January 15, 2010


Sometimes I am on a blogging roll, and sometimes I'm not. I mean who really reads me anyway? Does anyone care besides my future self, who possibly will be glad I chronicled our life as we know it? Maybe don't answer that.

Things are going. I am wondering where to go next. I am always going. We are always going. But, I'm not there yet.

This is one of those deep sounding posts, but it really isn't deep. It sounds deep because it probably lacks making any sense. But this is what people refer to as 'deep', no?

I am feeling the urge to solve the health care crisis, sell real estate, possibly write a novel, or come into some inheritance and volunteer for the red cross, and travel to all the bloggy conferences to meet all the cool people I only know online. Then, while at the bloggy conferences I may get tips on how to write better posts that don't ramble on about randomness.

You'll be the first to know when I get where I am going.

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Sandra said...

I read you, girl! Don't give up! Just keep on going. I would love to go to a blogger's conference, but I have neither the funds nor the time. Maybe one day...

Dawn said...

Maybe we should plan on going to a blogging conference together next year? I'd love to go to one too. Maybe if I actually put down the dough for one it would motivate me to blog more! LOL!

Baloney said...

I say it's YOUR blog - whatever, whenever.


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