January 20, 2010

WFMW: The EYES Have It

So, it's come to my attention there are a LOT of ladies who do not in fact, know how to apply eye make-up. And, I 've been asked to help several times.  I am tired of answering one by one, so I'm making it a post! And, a WFMW post at that!

I am not an expert, but I do get a fair share of people who tell me they like mine. That being said, I am sure there are many people who do not- they maybe just don't speak up so much. And, fine by me.

While I am an Arbonne lady- and that is what I use, I have always been interested in opening the eye- as I have very small almondy eyes. I have read a fair share of info on the subject and used THOUSANDS of products. The way I wear mine is a compulation of what I think is easiest and looks best.

So, above, I show you my naked eye. *shudder*
1.Then, first, apply a little highlight shade of white shadow, under my brow and on top of my cheek bone, and also the inside corner of my eye. Just a smidge.
2.Then, I use black eyeliner mostly, but sometimes brown. Starting about 3/4 in I make one large line all the way out.
3. Right after this I apply one light coat of mascara.
4. Then, I use an angled brush- and ONLY an angled brush. See that dark shade of blue and the bronzy brown next to it above there? That what I mixed today. Why?  I always wear dark- and it was better for the pictures. If you were wondering. Start almost in the inside corner of your eye and make a sweeping arch over to the end of your eyeliner. Fill in a bit more of a triangle on the outer corner with a quick back motion. See? Easy.
5. Then, re-coat your mascara. I have tried every single mascara ever in the history of make-up since 1987. Arbonne is the best. I would say it even if I didn't sell it. A close, but still far second is Covergirl Lash Blast.

**Adding liner all the way into the corner, makes the eye appear smaller, as does liner on the bottom. You'll notice I do not apply anything to the bottom excpet mascara. If I do a smoky eye- then I will blend shadow, not liner, from the middle bottom outward using the angled brush. The angled brush is your friend. Everyone must own one!**

Questions? Just ask.
EYE'll be glad to help.

FOR MORE WFMW visit the one and ONLY Kristen at We are THAT Family or click over on the button on the left!

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Tammy said...

You've got it going on.....looks great!

ShaRhonda said...

Wow, I love this! Honestly though, I'm stuck and probably never will be able to get out of my old "rutine"!


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