January 29, 2010

How it was...My EXTREME Home Makeover Edition 1

So, my overnight shift at Extreme Home Makeover, in a word: disappointment.

There was no Ty or Paige sighting. There was a lot of ice falling. There were cookies. There was warmth. And an indoor bathroom. There was an extreme up close and personal exploration of the pavilion center. Do you notice what's missing? THERE WAS NOT EVEN ONE TRIP to the actual HOUSE. Yuh-all. I was at the fairgrounds in the pavilion center all night long. Yah. Not nearly as glamorous as I thought. On the upside, I did not freeze me arse off.

I did have a good time, despite the disappointment. Of the 12 expected on our shift, thank goodness only 4 showed up to "keep the light on". One of those, an older lady, left a couple of hours in. One guy really wasn't even supposed to be there bc his shift was actually tonight. He was too smart for his own good. You see our shift was called 01-28-10 from 12a-7a. Technically this was 1-29-10. See? His shift read 01-29-10 12a-7a, but technically was 01-30-10. See the confusion?? The other lady and I were just smart enough to ask for clarification. There's where too smart people are lacking sometimes- in the common sense department.

Anywho. We enjoyed learning some very interesting stories and behind the scenes info from the security guard there with us. The security travels with the show all season- they are not local. They are in fact based out of Fayettville, NC. Did you know another build close by always starts about 3-5 days after the other they start? Ty will be south of Norman on Monday for another door knock and Goooood Moooorning so and so family. Ideal homes is doing that build. Who knew? So, Ty? Not even on site half the time. Hmph.

There have been more than a few undeserving families who've had builds. Yip. One guy had outstanding warrants and was arrested a few days after. Two homes have gone into foreclosure because the people were greedy. So, I'm thinking the screening process might be a little better by now. AND, they've built in all kinds of extreme weather, but never ice.

Ok? So to sum it all up- it was disappointing fun. I'm going back for more and hoping for appointing fun. I'm doing another shift Sat night. Also, I will be there when we yell: Move that bus!


{katrina} said...

So can you at least share with us what exactly you were doing? I find it disapointing that you weren't on the actual job site, but at the fairgrounds!?

Garyguitar2 said...

when are they going to move the bus on the southerns house-we would love to be there

Mom Mayhem says: said...

That's cool that you got to help -But, too bad it was disappointing. My sis tried to sign up to help and she got a recorded call but, not really further info. Oh well at least you got some behind the scenes info. and cookies-That's always good ;) Again nice to meet you at the blogger meetup-Let's Keep in Touch


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