January 29, 2010

How to Drive on The Ice for Dummies: Tulsa Edition

Dear Tulsa Area People:

#1. DO NOT use your brake unless you are going 10mph or less. This is how bad things happen. If you are approaching an intersection, stop sign or light, simply take your foot off the gas about 100 yards out. Think football field if you are depth perception impaired. If you are in a situation where you need to stop more un-expectedly then use the little numbers on your gear shift.

#2. How and when to use the little numbers by your gear shifter. Most people drive automatics, but when there is ice- pretend you have a standard. Now I shall explain, in case you do not know how to drive a standard. (you really should learn, you're missing a whole other level if driving. Ok? But that's a different post all together.) Now, back to the numbers. Say you are going over the 10mph brake limit, but you need to slow quickly. Shift from drive to the highest number, then the next, and the next until your under 10 & can slowly break. Once stopped, switch back to your regular 'ol D. Got it? Good.

#3. DO NOT use your brakes unless you are driving less than 10mph. Did I day that one already? Yes? Well. Sometimes certain people need repetitive mentions. And by all means use gentle pressure. Think soothing heated stone massage, not massage by Helga.

#4. DO NOT get all cocky and confident once you've been going along a-ok for a bit. It is certain this is when you'll forget rules and break #1 & #3.

#5. Be aware of idiots around you who do not follow the rules. (They will be the ones you can laugh at on down the road when they are stuck in a ditch.)

#6. If you swerve, or go into a spin turn into the spin. Remember driver's ed. And do NOT slam on the brakes. Take your foot off the gas. Turn into the spin.

#7. Do not drive too fast. Allow more time. I mean, duh, really. Double the normal time. Your ill preparation and lack of planning does not give you the right to drive like a raving lunatic.

You see, I've been hit by an uninformed paniky driver who slammed on her brakes on ice, went into a few 360's and hit me head on. Not fun. Not fun. At. All. Therefore, I choose to educate the ice-navigating challenged people of the area. Just doing my part. Kind of like here
 as well.


Kelly said...

Oh No! I hope the only thing hurt was your car.

The idiots were out. I can't believe people freak out the way they do. If they just used a LITTLE common sense all would be right. But no.

Dawn said...

LOVED this post! Just wish the idiots knew how to read it. LOL!

I have a blog award for you on my blog today. =)

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Hi-It was nice to meet you last night at the blogger meetup. Checking out your blog -looking good :) If you could return the favor and check out/follow my blog -Thanks!


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