November 24, 2008

Evolution of the Southern Christmas decor...AND A CONTEST!!

Sunday, I decided we should get the tree down. Because, we have to have Thanksgiving twice this week- once on Thrusday and once on Saturday (out of the norm!). And, then, in between- I shop on Friday. My friend Dara and I have gotten up at 4am or earlier for the past few years on Friday to shop. Crazy, yes. Fun- very! Anyway, since we are a little busier with the extra Thanksgiving dinner, etc...I opted to get the tree out yesterday.

I was just going to set it up, then decorate later- but I did not factor in the kids and their constant request to hang the "toys" on.

So, we decorated while dad napped. Getting the tree from upstairs was very strenuous.

These are a few of my favorite ornaments. Those purpley feather things are the best. I got them 75% off.

Then....Viola! The finished tree. That is after a trip in between with said friend Dara to Michael's. We have never had a lit star at the top of this tree. Some dumb people who make pre-lit trees do not incorporate an extra plug at the top for a fixture such as this. I had to find a green extension cord- then stand dangerously on a chair, leaning- plug in the star, wind the cord down the the back and plug the star in by itself. 10 foot trees require much coordination to decorate at the top.Ok, then while at Michael's, I also found some cool things on sale to spruce up my mantle. This is where I keep the nutcrackers I collect. I have collected them since the 3rd or 4th grade when I first danced in the Nutcracker ballet. I have danced the Nutcracker with The Pioneer Woman, more than once. That's Southern trivia piece #1.
See the fancy magnolia, feathery things and such? That is what I got to spruce things up.

And, since we were all festive- I thought we should shoot for the Christmas card. This of course is one I titled "The Ghost of Grayce Christmas Present"-- and of course it did not make the card. You have no idea how many photographs I took to get the 3 for the card. Which brings me to the contest....THE PERSON WHO COMMENTS BY THURSDAY (10pm cst) WITH THE NUMBER CLOSEST TO THE NUMBER OF PICTURES I HAD TO TAKE TO GET 3 GOOD ONES, WINS 3 SPECIAL CHRISTMAS RECIPE BOOKS!! And, of course in a later post I will show you our Christmas Card- which I designed myself by the way. ( I do that- you know- if you want your very own custom card.)

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Katrina said...

I really watned to put our tree up yesterday, but I got over ruled!

We also attempted Christmas card photos...not so easy with an 8 month old who's on the go. I'm guessing it took 69 pitures.

Baloney said...

I'm guessing your kids are more cooperative than mine. I'm wondering if you have to yell every year too?!
I am going to guess that you just shoot first check later which explains my high number.

anniebanannie said...

Pretty pretty tree! Around here, while trying to capture the "perfect" moment, turns into something ugly with me trying to get their attention, both boys at each other, camera never working at that EXACT moment, etc., etc. I'm guessing 42 tries.

Ashley @ said...

Your mantle looks so pretty! and the Christmas tree too!

I am trying extra hard to get into the Christmas mood so I am thinking it's time for the decorations!

That always helps....and so do Christmas-tini's. Nothing like vanilla vodka and eggnog to get you in the Christmas spirit :)

If you are anything like me you took about 75 pictures before you got one or 2 without closed eyes and/or blurry moving body parts.

Valarie Lea said...

Your tree looks great! I have had to put mine up also, because of two Thanksgivings and shopping inbetween. :)

I think you took 43 pictures :)

Zoya said...

I guess.. 49?

The Harstad's said...

I'm guessing 50??????

Bambi said...

Your kids so creative to decorate such a beautiful Christmas tree.


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