November 3, 2008

The Last Monday Football Report...

This is the last football report...our season is done. We played 3 games on Saturday- about 2 too many, having started the day at 6:45am the morning after Halloween. We won the first game by one score and some good defense. The one picture from that game is the last one in the post. I don't have one good picture of Gavin from it because it was foggy and hazy and truly, I couldn't tell what I was taking pictures I put one in of my college roommates son (7) making a block. We played their team and won- then the other Bixby team played them later and beat them to put them out of the tourney. It wasn't so good for Bixby vs Pryor that day. Above is one of Gavin's great tackles he had on the day in the last game.

Gav is running on over to help on a tackle here. Grayce and I only made it to 2 of the 3 games that day- for my sanity with her. Unfortunately- in the second game, I am told I missed Gavin almost make 2 interceptions while blocking passes. He had a great tackling day at defense too. Go figure.

This one I put in because that number 44 is cracking me up.

Here is the one of my friends son, Drew. I must say I was not sad to have NO practice to attend tonight! The boys had a great learning season and a lot of fun. Now there is the party to plan!

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