October 31, 2008

Finally, Halloween Night!

Halloween was finally here! My nephew Hayden came to join the fun (he's the pirate, in case your new here) We went to the church across from our addition for Trunk or Treat- a fun time where church members back in their cars and have all kinds of treats or games or what-not out of their trunk or SUV or whatever. It was fun....then we took a big loop around the 'hood. The kids were tired by then. As luck would have it, we have to be in Sapulpa (about 20min away) by 6:45am tomorrow for an 8am football game. We will likely play 3 times tomorrow. Yahoo.

Uh, yeah. Can you tell these two are related?

Ahhh, yes. Trying to get 3 children to look appropriate in a picture= not likely.

When there are only 2 of them, and one has a mask on-- chances are much better!

Here's Jasmine, cheesin' it up!

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Baloney said...

You got some great pictures!


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