October 8, 2008

Fair & Fall

This past couple of weeks the fair was going on ... Grayce and I went and visited some cows. She was more enthusiastic than she looks here. We visited a lot of animals and exhibits, and had corn dogs- of course.

Here and below are our Halloween decorations, which the kids help me put out. Mr. Bones is a new addition. He is pretty cool.

One whole tub of Halloween was missing until Sunday, when I had to seek Joe's help to find it in the attic. We finally found it, and so all Halloween decor is finally out and working. The kids have started the countdown! The only thing we need yet are real pumpkins. I usually get these on one of the kids field trips to the pumpkin patch- but this year, I don't think either one is going! Eeek. I have to get a new plan.

Happy Spooking!

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1 comment:

Ashley @ mrs007.net said...

Oh I love it! Halloween is sooooo fun! where did you get the glowing scary skeleton guy?


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