October 13, 2008

The Monday Football Report

This past Saturday was against Jenks, and we lost. But, Jenks is a good team- and somehow we are in district with about 5 of the best teams. Lucky us. The boy is up there on the left in this one. It's an intense shot...

The standard Zack pic for the week. Here he is scoring on the opening drive.

Here the boy is with his arms flailing back...after a block, I guess. Or he is practicing his Karate Kid imitation.
Here the boy is, again on the left, demonstrating some excellent pass protection. Next up is Glenpool. Then one more game after that at Cleveland. Can't believe only 2 more weeks--this has only been going on since July. Whatever will we do with ourselves? Oh, yeah- basketball or wrestling or golf or tennis or gymnastics or ....

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