October 28, 2008

PartyPalooza Pictures

This was the weekend of 5 partay's. We started off with Grayce at Bounce U Friday night, and then Pumped It Up on Saturday morning before driving an hour to Gavin's football game. After the football game, we rushed home to watch OSU play. Then, we ALL went out to Gavin's friend Jacob's party at the Corn Maze. We all went because it was far, far away. And, we'd never been. Parents had to stay anyway because you wouldn't drive out there, then want to come back later. But, this made it more fun for all.

There were 2 maze's, on was haunted and the other wasn't. There was a box of corn to play in (see above)- Grayce's favorite. There was a trampoline covered in hay to jump on. There was a hay ride, there were personal bonfire pits to reserve for smores and hot dogs. It was so fun....

Grayce on the hay covered trampoline.

Some of the boys on the hay ride.

The girl on the hayride....

Beautiful scenery at the corn maze property.

Jacob blowing out his candles.Gavin explaining how scary the haunted maze was to me.

Then...it was Sunday. Two more. I only went to one- so I don't have pics of the other, sorry. Dad doesn't photograph. Grayce went to the pumpkin patch for this VERY windy party. She was a blonde Mulan, in case you can't tell.

Oh, yes. She is still her sassy self. Here they were on the hay ride!

Posing on the pumkins.

Feeding the camels-despite her face-she really liked this!

And, decorating a pumpkin. Whew. I am partied out. Oh, and we got the 13th or 14th invitation yesterday. I lost count.

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