November 5, 2008

The First and Only...

No. Not kid. This is the first and only politically centered post- of which I am posting ONLY because it is very funny.

Scenario: I am helping Grayce at the computer. Every week she has a Letter of the Week. So, we go to clip art online and I find all the words she is telling me she remembers that start with that letter. Tonight it was "P", but that doesn't have anything to do with my story. MSN is the home page now because of my computer issues- and I haven't changed it to anything I normally have up. On our way past MSN, Grayce notices something.

Grayce: "Hey, that dark man next to the white face man. He winned"
Me: Yes.
Grayce: So, now he is the king.
Me: No, Grayce, he is the President elect.
Grayce: No, mama. He is now the king. Bok Bam is the king, he winned.
Me: Actually its Barack Obama and he's the...
Grayce: Just cut out the P's now, so I can glue.

Clearly, I was annoying the reigning 4 year old spokeswoman of the new royals.
disclaimer: The Southern Mama did not post this as for or against the new President Elect. The Southern Mama will remain completely neutral and does not wish to debate or have crazy political comments left for her to have to delete. Thank you. The end.

Computer update: I fixed my computer today. Myself. Who's the IT mama, now? The "senior" IT man still hasn't even called me back. I took matters into my own hands. Walll-aa! Or Voila! However you want it.

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Baloney said...

I don't wanna debate either. That is really funny! I had to talk my oldest down from his disappointment. Whether you are happy about it or not - it is historical!
Can you come fix MY computer now? It's going a little crazy. I'm calling the peeps tomorrow. Ick.

The Topiary Lady said...

That is SO cute, out of the mouths of babes...


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