March 29, 2010


You know, if I was ornery and had a telephoto lense: I would have been taking photos of the crazy I saw at the waterpark this weekend. I know I am not a vision in my suit, but it's a suit that fits me and does not allow me to hang all out & junk. It covers me & tucks me in.

There were a few types visiting with us. Cases in point > A: The 'did these people have to like pawn stuff' to afford come stay here?

B: The 'fake bewbs that look like you have wonder balls under your skin' Must be all the rage. (Well they do say, everything is bigger in TX.)

C: The ever present 'let's all get a skanky tattoo or 38', (ie) tramp stamp, full sleeve, all over backs OR my fave: two skeletons in top hats peeping out from this ladies bikini bottoms angled diagonally- as if to be gaurding her bizness.

And last but not least: D: did you acutally go to the store, pick that suit out, & think it fit enough for you go out in public?

I also saw a lady with her hair put up. Not odd you say? Well it is when there are not one, not 2, but EIGHT large chip clips in your head. Yea. You read it right. She gets her own category.


ShaRhonda said...

I don't even have words to type...LOL!!!

Kelly said...

I lurv me some TX. Always provides good blogger talk. LOL


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